How do you get a girl to masterbate in front of you? ONLY ANSWER IF YOURE EXPERIENCED
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  1. How do you get a girl to masterbate in front of you? ONLY ANSWER IF YOURE EXPERIENCED

    I picked up this girl a few weeks ago. We've been fucking about 3 times a week since, and I want her to masterbate in front of me. I think that would be so hot. Anyway, how do I get her to do that? Do I ask her her, or tell her? What do I do?
    P.S - Please only answer if you are EXPERIENCED, and have a couple of lays under your belt.

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    Start masturbating first and look at her like you're going to kill her.

    But in reality, you have to make it known. Women aren't psychic's, so she wouldn't know what you like unless you tell her. You'll never get what you want if you don't try.

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    I've only done that once but it quickly turned into sex. And yes, I just casually started masturbating next to her but it was like I was just playfully doing it, not like I was going to kill her. Then I TOLD her I wanted to see how she masturbates so I would know what she likes. She first off was being a little defensive but of course I kept telling her things like... I want to be able to use my fingers on her the way she likes it, I want to know where she likes my tongue the most, I think it's hot to see her doing it, etc. All while I was naked doing it myself.

  4. That's usually something that I build into foreplay. Start touching and kissing her and play with her pussy for a bit. Take her hand and ask her to keep doing it while you move your hands up to her boobs or however you want to proceed.

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    Agree with [MENTION=220092]HugeGrant[/MENTION] - I usually start her off a little bit, then grab her hand and get her to continue while I get busy doing other shit.

    Tell her how hot is when she does it, and how much it turns you on - Make her comfortable.

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    Just tell her what you want. It's no big deal.

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    Just ask her straight out, tell her you would think it's hot and that you haven't done that type of thing with another girl before, she'll find that exciting and she would feel good about you not asking any other girls, and just her compliment her body and show her you really want it, I'm almost certain she will do it, if you go about it that way

  8. Ask her how she normally masturbates when she's alone. When she tries to explain it to you, CASUALLY say "Show me."

    note: Make sure she's already naked with legs spread open before you do this. Whenever I'm with a woman, I spread her legs and ADMIRE her body/pussy/legs before I go to work. Make her feel comfortable by telling her how sexy she is. If you're already doing that, and she's comfortable, it should be easy to segway into the masturbation question I mentioned earlier.

    Just be casual and confident when you do it. No nervousness, no stuttering, and no neediness. Say it like you would if you were asking "Hold up turn around. Lemme see that tattoo." Be THAT CASUAL with it. She'll only think it's a big deal if YOU do.

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    "Hey, let's play with ourselves in front of each other. I'll start."


  10. Yeah, you really only need to 1) tell her you want her to do this for her and 2) make it clear to her it will turn you on big-time.

    The MOST effective way to get a girl to do just about any sexual act for you, is to show her how much it turns you on and to make her feel attractive, desirable, and like you would not judge her or change your opinion of her. Make bed a really safe space, and she can open up for you a lot more than if she's constantly worried about stuff.

    Girls are worried about stupid stuff like, "oh god what if I fart or how does my ass look in this position or did I forget to shave today or oh shit I hope I'm not hurting his balls when I'm on top." They sometimes think this stuff to the detriment of your good time, so make sure she knows she can relax, and you can both get more enjoyment out of sex.

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