Body language and detect fake IOIs
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  1. Body language and detect fake IOIs

    Guys. Need some insight here on this basic thing.

    I am experiencing this with one girl. In woman's body language her girly gestures and feminine body language that could tell me that she is comfortable or interested in me. But when these gestures are not very direct to me then how would I know that those good signs are for me and not for someone else around at the same time or not from some other reason outside of that moment?

    That takes me to next question - How do find out fake IOIs and genuine IOIs? If a woman is using feminine gestures for a reason that she is truly interested, or if she just wanna get some benefit out of me, make me do some favor to her etc.


  2. what are the gestures?

    Generally, STOP worrying/thinking about this. You can either read a 100 books on non-verbal communication/body language... or just let it all happen naturally, and naturally begin to callibrate and find your own measures.

    As part of my 'actual' job, i study non-verbal communication, so i started out thinking i knew it all as far as this went... generally, it doesn't matter than much, and you should focus more on YOUR body language and escalation than hers. As long as she's not closing off to you, she's open to you... so continue

  3. Simple. Next time you're around her in a group. Leave the group and see if she follows. If so then you know her IOIs were for you if she doesn't then they weren't. For example If you're in a bar with this group then just suddenly go order a drink and start playing a game (whatever arcade style game etc) and see if she notices you're gone and comes over or is looking for you. Easy..You're Welcome..HH

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