Fucked up Newbie (Advice and Encouragement WANTED)

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  1. Fucked up Newbie (Advice and Encouragement WANTED)

    I've been reading stuff from LS and this forum, but totally new in the field. So i went out to a Plaza and i was going to do some day game.

    Openers: 6
    Cool conversation: 0 (wtf)

    3 of my openers happened on the way to the place, it's like

    "hey do you know how do i get a bus to xxxx?"

    "um...i'm not quite sure about this"

    "........(silience)" "OK thanks very much"

    I don't know whether it's my face being too serious or what, a girl actually took out her iphone and searched it for me, but she was really trying to help and i don't know how to trans. to sth unrelated....soon her male friend came and i said goodbye.

    Indirect Openers are really misleading to some girls....hard to trans. it back....

    then here i am in the plaza, not much girls but, i'm juz walking around.

    AA appears...what should i say? so i set down my challenge, i told myself, "i'll just go to tell someone she's beautiful and i'm leaving"

    Then there is a girl sitting beside the sea, under the sun, and i opened her:

    "aren't you hot sitting like this under the sun?"

    HB:"it's OK for me..." (with a casual attitude)

    so....eject. wut could i say more.

    Then i was sitting on a bench and i saw a women doin some stretching near the beach;

    "Hey what was that?" (teased her with the action she did)
    "juz some stretching...I thot u came to say Hi becuz u're my sons' friend" (WTF)

    maybe this woman is reli old, cant tell under her shades...but yea, fucked up again.

    Lesson: will try direct opener next week, hope i got the courage :P

    btw, how do you practice by praising a woman? "hey i wanna tell you that you're beautiful"
    "then????" "goodbye?" gotta figure it out soon.

    I know i suck, but yea this is my first attempt in day game; tho i considered it as a failure. Hope you guys get what you want too. cheers.

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    First of all there are no failures, only learning experiences. Second, never compliment a beautiful women based off of her beauty. Day game is tough, and to be honest, something I have yet to master myself. I have pulled a few F closes that started at a day approach though. Generally speaking you are going to want to go after women that are alone, if they are with friends your odds of getting cock blocked are near 100%. An opener that is a legit question is a good start (where can I find an ATM) but be prepaired to switch gears quickly before they walk off, but if you are chasing a chick down the street to hit on her then your going to have to wear your intentions on your sleeve and be prepared to be able to talk your ass off like a pro. If your new I would suggest starting off at bars... well I see your 18, so maybe book stores or locations were people ate going to sit down for a while. Also, despite your level of game having some solid canned material is always going to help. Also, seems like your freaking out and ejecting to early, try to force yourself to stay in set and say something even the ABC's if you have to. lol. Hey, its better then nothing.

    Good luck!


  3. Thx man. i'll do more approaches
    direct method with a group? worth trying haha. gettin ready to get blown off.

    PS. sorry i forgot whats ABC...? would you plz remind me? thxxxxx

  4. If you are going to eject you might as well just be straight with her. Tell her that you actually just wanted to say hello because she looked cute... In that red dress, rock shirt, whatever so that you can transition to another topic. My friends and I made notice of a girls jewelry and then he DHV'd a little with his contacts and story about the owner of the shop, etc...

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