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  1. Best Friend Texts

    I haven't seen anyone post about this yet, so I will.

    A lot of men have female best friends they'd like to spark attraction in, WITHOUT making things awkward or weird. Yet I don't believe I've EVER SEEN a thread about ways to do this through text.

    What are some good UNDER-THE-RADAR TEXTS you can send to a girl you're really tight with, that could subconsciously get her to see you in a different light?

    We've all seen the "Smile/Think about me" texts, which I guess could work with a best friend, i.e. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were missing me right now" (or "rather be texting me" if she's bored at work or something) but that's not who they're DESIGNED for.

    Any ideas for UNDER-THE-RADAR TEXTS that could subconsciously plant the seed for a best friend to see you in a different light? At least until you're able to use regular texts to game/flirt?

    Share some!

  2. Oh come on!

    All the knowledge & game on this board and NOBODY has any tips on this?

  3. Continue cocky funny texts and leave her hanging and suddenly don't reply to her last text.

    Then wait very long time until she initiates text but don't reply yet(assuming you are bestfriends)

    Then after a few days let her initiate, reply with being cocky funny texts, then don't reply to her last text

    Don't text good mornings, greetings, holidays, even birthdays, don't ask her out

    Congratulations you got yourself on a target's mind, thinking about you before/after sleep, looking at your recent messages and seduction has begun.

    Don't ask her out, let her be the one just the two of you.

    On date. Physically escalate, don't build comfort/qualify assuming she sees you as bestfriend.

    The difference between friends and lovers is physical and sexual.

    Hope this helps

    I'm no pro but it worked for me one time =D

  4. This is assuming she will ALWAYS initiate. The only women in my life will initiate on me AFTER I ignore their last text are the girls who already LIKE me. Friends will wait until I msg them again. lol So I don't think that'll work. Plus, the cocky/funny texts aren't "under the radar" if I'm not normally like that WITH HER. It'll be a total switch and she'd be like "wtf?"

    I was looking for specific texts that would OPEN THE PATH to being cocky/funny without it seeming out of the ordinary. Almost like a transition, but in a different way.

  5. Whoops. That line should read "The only women in my life that will initiate on me AFTER I ignore their last text are the girls who already LIKE me." (I forgot the word "that" in the original post. Looks kinda weird.)

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