How do I get over my jealousy and possibly do better?
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    How do I get over my jealousy and possibly do better?

    I would really appreciate some help here. So here is the story. A friend of mine and I met a girl at some mutual friend's dinner party. Both of us thought she was quite cute. Since we are not that tight and don't really talk about things like hitting on girls, we don't have a "Bro code" in place to resolve any conflict of interests. Throughout the party, I thought I had a good vibe with the girl. She laughed at my jokes and even told me that she really likes my sense of humor. On the other hand, my friend took a lot more aggressive approach. When we all bounced from place to place, he would always try to walk next to her and talk to her. When it started raining on the way, they cuddled under the same blanket. Basically whenever we were walking, my friend would always be a step ahead of me in terms to walking next to her. Honestly, I don't know if this was a result of his aggressiveness or the girl's making it easier for him, or a combination of both. At the end of the night, he was the first guy to offer to walk the girl home and the girl gladly accepted. The rest of us just went home by ourselves.

    I get pretty jealous of him especially since he's considered a pretty good looking guy and I have some serious inferiority complex (although girls have called me cute before). When my friend and the girl were walking together sharing some special connection, I was just fuming in jealousy and self-pity and couldn't even think straight. All of the PUA, inner game stuff I read just went straight out of the window at that moment.

    The other thing is that all three of us will all be going to a weekly salsa workshop, where people can dance with whomever they want for practice. I really don't how I am going to contain my jealousy and handle the situation there. I keep picturing in my head that my friend and the girl will just dance with each other all night long. From a completely honest and selfish point of view, I like this girl and I really want to win this girl back. And I am pretty sure that my friend and she haven't hooked up yet. I would appreciate some advices on that. But, I also wouldn't mind advices on just moving on and getting over my insane jealously.

    One extra piece of information is that after the dinner party she friended me on facebook but not my friend. I don't know what to read into this.

    Thanks for your help!

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    First thing I would do is talk to your mate. Get it all out in the open.

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    ^ I wouldnt talk to my mate... it will sound petty and lame. If a mate said that to me, I would laugh and say "get fucked lol, She is fair game"

    No point sooking.

    You hardly know this girl. You cant possibly have real feelings for her, you dont even know her.

    Game other girls - Dont be a sore loser. Just forget about her. Accept defeat in this situation, or play to win. No need to get jealous. You win some and you lose some.

    This has happened to me, I have been beaten by my mates, and it is what it is. You just suck it up. Have a laugh about it, and move onto the next girl.

    No point making an issue out of this, because its not an issue. Its not like you have hooked up with her before, have some kind of a bond, and he has sniped you.

    Suck it up princess. Either work on your game, and try and outgame him at Salsa dancing (Dont be jealous, or anything, just have tight game) or move on, and accept that he gets to insert his P into her V and you dont. There will be another girl within a week.

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