Sex problems with "others"
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  1. Sex problems with "others"

    Hi guys, im wondering if anyone has this problem. Let me know if you've heard of anything like it or if you have similar issues.

    Okay, so i've been in a relationship for just over a year amd have been faithful all the way through until recently. Me and my girlfriend are going strong but i felt the need to convince myself that she isn't going to be the one i end up with. (i'm 21) so i feel like i need to get back into the world of dating and really see whats out there. She is my 2nd serious relationship. Anyways.. I've had sex with 2 other girls recently and i just cant blow my load or even stay hard for these girls. Its embarassing. Maybe i'm too used to my girlfriend or maybe i'm just used to having sex with someone i have an emotional attachment to. Sex with my girlfriend is good, i can last 15-30 and stay stiff.

    Any thoughts guys?

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    Maybe your dick is trying to tell you something... seems your "little" head has more conscience than the "big" one.

    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums Admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

  3. I agree. Rethink this.

  4. Breaking up with your gf before sleeping with these other girls should solve the problem.

    Besides, if you think you need to get back into the dating world then why are you still with her?

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    I agree with the sentiment that's already been posted. Your johnson is feeling as much guilt as your brain. Personally I never put out a good performance the first few times with a new partner, but once I'm feeling comfortable it's game on. I'm not suggesting you keep banging these other girls on the side in hopes of a more cooperative dong. Just some food for thought.

    If you want casual hook ups then break up with your girl and have as much guilt free sex as you want.

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