OKCupid Girl won't give me her # but still want to talk

Backgound: I've been using the "Would You Rather" routine (that I got from these boards) with many girls on OKC with great success, until I got to this girl. I thought we were really hitting it off. We were also conversing about other things in addition to the WYR questions. So I go for the # close, and got this in response:

"I need to be honest. Right now, at the moment I am just looking for friends, as I am just going through a breakup. That is not to say that it could not potentially turn into more later, but I'm just not ready yet. I went on this site partly to take my mind off of things and occupy me during a rough time while I have no work, and partly because being in a relationship since I moved to (our city), I never got to meet that many new people in the area.
So, if you'd like to continue the "Would You Rather?" game, and take it slow as friends first, I'm up for that. Or, if you'd like me to wait until I'm ready to date again, I could message you then. If there is any consolation, of all the guys that messaged me so far, you are the only one I've responded to."

EVen if she wants to be "friends", she never gave me her #. I guess you would call this "online meetup LMR"? This never happened to me before. Part of me is telling me to just not respond and drop her, but part of me thinks if I can just get her out I can game in person and she would forget she said any of this crap. And granted I got her as a "new member", but has she seriously not responded to any other guys? She's pretty hot and sure she's gotten a lot of messages.

Would like to hear suggestions from you guys on how to handle this. Thanks.