sex took to long
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    sex took to long

    so i had sex last monday with a hb7 (you can read more at the link)
    and i yust couldnt almost come, had sex for around a hour without a condom (yeah stupid i know she used pill and i / she got no std "check one every half year"

    i had like a half / semi hard penis that was like bendable and the first 30 min i was oke with everything and should go hard but after a while i got tired and had cramps and shouldnt wait till i got a orgasm to finish it "didnt want to stop cause i thought that would give me a bad impression.

    so yeah last moments got a BJ and yust sort of jerked of while she tried to blow me and came finaly, but the problem is this like happend the last 4 times i had sex and it was almost the same problem, i to feel tired these couple of months and and sleep a lot.

    read on internet by my sympton that it maby low blood level but i have had this problem for a couple months gonna go to house docter next week but anyone has advise about this our have experienced something similair.

  2. 1) are you masturbating regularly? This can make it harder to stay erect and it can take longer to achieve orgasm. If you know you're going to have sex, forgo masturbation at least to see if it helps.

    2) if you're cramping up and tired, make the girl earn her keep in the sack so you can catch your breath. Unless she's really selfish, she should be willing to hop on top and put in some grind time so you can get closer without burning out as badly.

    3) if you're not fully hard, you should still be teasing and touching each other, not fucking. Touch and foreplay increase sensation and it's easier to get really hard with the anticipation of sex. After a few minutes of fucking you can go kind of numb. Try playing just-the-tip for a bit. Just don't be so hasty. Sex should be fun. It ain't laps around a track.

    4) is she having orgasms? If so, chill, at least in terms of what she thinks. "Oh geez it's so annoying being fucked for a whole hour and having plenty of time to orgasm while my guy tries to get off" said no girl ever. Just make sure you are being a good sport (try to focus on HER, not your bedroom performance).

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    These things seem to cause impotence in no particular order:

    Starvation: for example in the morning before breakfast

    cycling, particularly mountain biking

    Anxiety - particularly if you are thinking "please get hard, please get hard..." - better off just thinking to yourself : ok, I'm going to give her killer oral sex and see where it goes.

    Drinking: alcohol kills boners

    Porn : big thread on this

    masturbation: the body produces hormones to make you feel satisfies, or humans would never get anything done...

    Emotional reasons : beliefs, religion, disgust, stress, etc

    drugs: a variety of drugs interfere in odd ways, both recreational and medical.

    Exhaustion : tiredness is a big cause. Sex is easy when you are most awake

    The woman: some women will just not turn you on enough! isn't even your fault!

    Now, what helps?

    imagination : imagine how her pussy feels. Imagine how you look from an outside perspective, ie from across the room. This is why a mirror can be sexy...


    Jerk it: If you are trying to get it in her pussy but it isn't hard enough, jerk it yourself whilst rubbing her clit. Plenty of spit or lube

    Focus on part of her that turns you on


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    Thx for the tips guys, maby i was to focused to if i satisfied her and such and i think it was bit the fault of exhaustin.

    now waiting for the lay which is hopefully quiek and hope it will not happen again.


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