Does this girl like me?
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    Does this girl like me?

    I know this girl from 5th/6th grade and went to middle school together as well. But in different high schools at the moment. She found my profile on facebook and sent me a message saying "Is this nate from Cholla?" I replied and gave each other our numbers.

    We started texting each other about 3-4 days ago. We texted all day long, like 5-6hours of straight talking and will continue through out the day. We would go on facebook around 11:00PM and talk til 1-2:00AM. She laughs a lot and uses smile faces a lot too. She will say we should hang out sometime, she says this quite a lot as well.

    --Below is what we did or she did a lot--
    1) Conversions lasted a long time.
    - They lasted about 5-7 hours or longer.
    - She started conversions and i did, not like i started them all the time.
    - She would bring up stuff from her past relationships
    2) She laughs a lot.
    - She uses Lol, Lmfao, Haha, Hehe, Lmao , Etc
    3) Says we should hang out (What she said below)

    - 1 Me: Ever seen Freddy vs Jason?
    Her: No, we should watch Freddy vs Jason I never seen it

    -2 Her: Wanna hang out 2morrow?
    Me: I thought u were grounded? Did u sweet talk ur mom.
    Her: Nope but I'm turning in some applications so i could swing by your house while turning them in .

    -3 Her: Wanna hang out 2morrow? My mom has to work til 3 so we can without her knowing .
    Me: Sure when u wanna hang out?
    Her: before 3 silly lol
    Me: I know that but wat time before 3
    Her: Maybe around 10:30AM come by my place.

    -4 Her: I gotta walk to bbn beyond to turn in my application, pretty far away
    Me: it's not that far
    Her: Lol i guess
    Me: lol if u walk fast only takes few mins for me
    Her: Lol i walk fast! it would only take me a few min to get down there.
    Me:Lol well I fly! It would only take me a sec to get over there.
    Her: Oh really then walk over here JK JK.
    Me: Lol ok i will jk, i can but ur grounded
    Her: I could sneak out front .

    4) Uses a lot of smile face.
    - , , :P , , Etc.

    5) She says she likes talking to me.

    6) compliment each other.
    - She looked at few of my pictures and said I look good.

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    Did you meet up ?

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    She is definitely into you.

    Meet up with her. Be confident and fun - Kino early, and it should take to much effort to get her over the line.

    Dont second guess yourself. If she is seeing you, she is into you.

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    She really likes you bro too many iois

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    Dude this girl is begging for you to bang her. My god. Find a time when her mom is gone, go over there and take care of business. Shes going to be emotionally charged because she is "breaking the rules" and has a guy over. For the love of god stop wasting time and play tummy sticks with this girl

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