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    I've been working on my social circle game back home during the summer before I go back to campus. One problem i'm running into with is that this girl who is pretty tight with everyone in our circle (you gotta keep in mind that we've all known each other since like 2d grade) i starting to get real into me since i've been back from college (she's told some guys in our group who have told me ha). So I won't really have a problem hooking up with her if were at a party whatever..not a problem. But this isn't college, and there aren't parties all the time, so the big problem I run into is how to isolate this girl when I got all the buddies over watching a movie at my place, just chillen out by the fire, and other stuff that's more just chill just because were around our other friends and it would almost feel awkward for us to isolate (here again, isolating at like a big deal, it's more during the everyday casual stuff).

    Any ideas? i'd also like some general advice on how to get girls alone over to my place for the first hookup (It's no prob if we've been hooking up previously, but I have problems getting girls over for the first time). Usually I try and ask if they wanna watch a movie, or something along those lines but i feel like they know exactly what I'm trying to pull..
    I'd appreciate all feedback guys, If I could get these two things down my summer game would be lookin goooooooooood

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    Are you texting this girl often during the week? You could try to create attraction through the phone then, but it seems like she already likes you.
    I'm in the same situation as you. I'm going to college in the fall and am trying to social circle game some girls.
    Would it be weird for the two of you to go on a date? If you've known her since 2nd grade, are you guys friends or just acquaintances?

    In terms of getting girls to your house, I don't see a problem with your approach, as long as you've kissed a couple times before away from your house it would seem like a natural progression to hang out at the house. Maybe ask her to come to your house for a different reason like to help you cook or make a cake for your moms birthday or something else, then get her out of the house with no hooking up. Then she will be much more open to chilling at your house just to watch some movies.

    Let me know how it goes. Feel free to message me.

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