Day Game Urgent!!
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  1. Day Game Urgent!!

    Just met a girl selling accessories in a shop. But the problem is, the shop is small and the manager is watching!!

    Talked about watches, which she recommend, sth like that. Received a little IOIs, seems that she keeps saying which looks better, talking more and more.
    but the point is, are they IOIs or she is just aggressive in selling the stuff?
    I don't know.

    Guys help me solve this puzzle. How can I get rid of the manager and N-close the salesgirl??

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    ask her for her number.

    Dont make it to obvious in front of the manager, as she will feel self conscious to give her number out in front of him.

    Dont buy anything.. otherwise she will see you as a customer. If you are just talking, then you arent a customer.

    Stop talking about the clothes and start talking about normal shit that is totally different.

    Get her number though.

  3. well the problem is HOW to get the number....or i give her my number and ask her to call me?

    i know this is shit but seems impossible for her to insert her number in front of the manager.

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    I think you are taking her being nice to sell you stuff as interest on her side. Ask for her number because a girl will NEVER (99.9999%) of the time call a guy no matter how much she likes him.

    Or why don't you ask her what time she is off and meet her after work.

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    I have been in this situation before, well sort of lol.
    I approached a girl @ Macy's and she ended up writing her # down on a receipt after we talked for a bit. If you feel she's into you genuinely there isn't harm in pursuing and trying to get the # close.
    Worst cause scenario its a learning experience.

  6. right...main challenge is under the supervision of the god damn manager..

    but thanks bros, i feel assured.

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