is it a shit test or what??!!

ok that's what happened today..

I made the HB a favor and i told her she now had a debt with me.. so she offered me to have a dinner at her home..
we went there and she started speaking about relationships.. hers and then mine..

she said first something like "people are now thinking a lot of stuff about what we are doing tonight".. (shit test? or IOD?)

so the main topics were that she comes from a very bad experience in relationship, and that there is a guy who is trying now to go out with her.. about that last topic she started saying that this guy is an asshole because he has a girlfriend and that she would never go with a guy like that.. she only likes serious people.. so i started letting her understand i am serious..

finally my doubt was: was it a shit test? or the signal that i fell into the friend zone?? fuck!!

so i didn't know what to do.. if i tried too fast with her maybe she would think i'm like the guy she hates.. finally impossible kino escalation, and no IOI, let me not to try to k-close..

later we went out.. there were fireworks.. i put a arm on her back and finally i kissed her on the check.. no reaction.. but there were too many friends so close and I couldn't escalate.. when fireworks finished she told a friend in front of me "he kissed me on the check!" in a funny way.. (shit test or IOD?).. finally when we went home on foot she spoke all the time with somebody else.. and her goodnight was a sort of cold..

i feel like i only made bullshits tonight! i'm an idiot!