Mom wants to set me up with her bestfriends daughter
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  1. Mom wants to set me up with her bestfriends daughter

    My mom and her bestfriend wanna set me and her daughter up.she's 19 and 24.I don't know this girl at all so what would be the best thing to text her since she kinda probably knows our moms wanna set us up? And is this a good idea? I'm thinking it could mess up my moms relationship with her friend,but i guess I don't care if I'm going through with this..any thoughts what to text?thanks guys

  2. I wouldn't do it if I were you. You're gonna enter with a lower value (instant mom approval etc) and no matter how you play it you're risking drama with your own mom. You also don't want her mom and your mom discussing and approving your romantic choices. I'd avoid it and say no. When the girl hears you rejected the offer you will instantly become slightly more interesting and if you happen to meet later you'll be off on a way better foot. You're welcome.. HH

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    Hmm, I am not sure if I Agree.

    I mean at worst you are going on a date with a good looking girl (I assume you have seen pics).

    What do you really have to lose?

    I wouldnt worry to much about value. You will start with roughly the same value as if you met her anywhere else, as her Mum will most likely be talking you up, and letting her know all your good points etc. I mean, she isnt exactly going to say 'I know this dipshit from down the road he wants to fuck you... but first he wants to take you to mini golf'.

    Plus, there will be plenty to talk about, and would rarely have any awkward moments / silence as you will have so many commonalities wiht your parents (not that I suggest you talk about them all night).

    If it was me, I would figure what the hell, why not. At worst you can probably make a new pivot.

    (I would call first not text)

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    If she's good looking, then go for it.

    But if you hurt her (or she hurts you) expect some drama between your mom and her best friend.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Portrait View Post
    I mean, she isnt exactly going to say 'I know this dipshit from down the road he wants to fuck you... but first he wants to take you to mini golf'
    Omfg. Lol!!!

    I'd give it a shot. At the worst you make a new friend. Maybe she knows other girls....

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  6. Get pictures of her and go out with her if she's hot.

    If she's not hot, then make some excuse or that you're seeing another girl. You don't want to create family problems if you aren't attracted to her photo.

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    Text is alright, but call is better. Tell her you do indeed find her cute (direct first), but I say play it off like yall are both "just doing it to make your parents happy" (immediately indirect). Yell in to the phone "OWW!!" and tell her you just stubbed your toe (break rapport) Then tell her yall HAVE TO GO OUT and that yall will have fun making fun of your parents for not understanding yalls choice in who to date, its not the first time (talk about that too), because there is no possible way A MOM could be that in touch with your tastes. Which will immediately make her worry she's not good enough for you (qualified). Then spend the whole date talking about funny things her mom did at your place and she'll tell you about "that time your mom was so shwasted at her place she..." (rapport) Just whatever you do stick to the funny stories, not the bad stories.

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