Met this girl for the third time and still nothing happened yet!
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    Met this girl for the third time and still nothing happened yet!

    So yesterday I met this girl for the 3rd time, but let me just go back to the begining.
    Months ago I started chatting with this girl on Facebook, we got intouch because she went to the same school I went, but we never met there. Conversations over FB were great, hours and hours but she avoided giving me her number a couple of times and I even tried to take her out but she rejected the idea saying that "destiny will put us in the same place I it has to happen"... WTF!!! well, as time went by I found out she was with a guy. Weird relationship cause she was never really into it, but try spent over a year together anyways. So as she ended that relationship she asked me out herself and we went out. She likes salsa so I tagged alog on her salsa night 3weeks ago. Everythig was really cool and she even ended up telling me she loved the way we ended up meeting. Cool night!

    2 weeks ago she was kinda sad at home, had a birthday but she flakes on it and at like 2 in the morning she invited me to her home. It was weird and I was tires as fuck, but I went. He mom was there but she was cool with me going. We ended up having a great time, had soooo much fun and we even watched a movie until I left at 3 pm (no sleeping in between, crazy I know hahah). She thanked me for everything, went great. But nothing happened still... Yet I realized I really liked her after that night.
    Last week I wanted to take her out eating to chinatown she wanted to go but thursday was raining like crazy and we canceled it.
    On Saturday she tells me there's a party she's attending close to where I live and we should meet after... So at 4 o clock I pick her up and came back to my house. We had some fun, had coffee and cookies, watched a movie in my bed together and we even slept for a while... Yet nothing happened.
    I tease her a lot, i initiate contact (massages and a lot of silly stuff) and I always told her I like blond girls when she's a brunette haha, but she actually knows I think she's cute cause I sent her an SMS in Japanese where I wrote that she was cute and she found out what it said :P

    Soooo... Long post, but my point is, how should I go about escalating a bit more? I'm really liking her and I'm pretty sure she's into me too but there wasn't many situations were I could go for it. Weird. But I have to make it happen. I don't wanna be te gay friends she watches movies with in bed haha

    Drop some knowledge please!!! Appreciate it

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    She was in your bed, sleeping, and watching movies? She invited you around at 2:00 AM? She broke up with her boyfriend, and then all of a sudden wanted to hang out? What more does she need to do to tell you that she is DTF and is interested?

    If your question is just HOW to escalate... Then, grab her hand, pull her close to you, and kiss her. Do anything. Just kiss her.

    It is very simple, and she will comply if you take the lead.

    If a girl invited me over a 2:00 in the morning, you bet we are going to fuck. I am not getting my sorry ass out of bed just to go and watch a movie with her, and hang around.

    Just muster up the courage and go for it man. You have absolutely nothing to fear.

    This is something that I do quiet often just for escalation.

    If you are lying in bed, just start spooning her or pull her onto your chest or something... Basically start hugging.

    Chuck her so she is the little spoon, and start rubbing the skin on her stomach. Kiss her neck etc to turn her on, suck on her ears, all that kind of stuff, and slowly just work your way from the tip of her jeans, or skirt or whatever, and under her skirt. From the time you start spooning to the time you are fingering her, shouldnt take very long.... 5 mins... Depending on how much you want to tease her.

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    Word! The actuall thing is I never really escalated or anything. I never acted as a real man. I guess I should man up and go for it. It's already mine if I don't miss my oportunity

  4. You were simply an emotional trampoline. You were her bounce back up. Talking to her on FB for "hours" was your first mistake. You lowered your value in the beginning and showed yourself as a worthy ego boost but not a worthy mate. You might have gotten some action in bed if you were aggressive, but my guess is you were the distraction from another guy she was pinning over. At this point you've probably showed your interest to the point where she knows you're there no matter what and uses you for the ego boost.
    Wanna get her wheels spinning? Create some tension. Next time she asks you out or you guys make plans. No show her. Text her an hour later and just say "so sorry, something came up" and go away. Wait a week and randomly text her "So is it safe to text u yet?" and I promise she'll be the one affected. Even if it's anger it's still better than being the Ego Boost Chump. You're welcome. HH

  5. Yeah, seriously at least kiss her already.

    Some tricks I have to give props to:
    -Deliberate space invasion with a big, shit-eating grin (but you don't go in for the kiss right away). Whenever you invade her space, she knows you want to kiss her. The fact that you don't can be a little AFC, but you can do it in a way that is sexy and teasing. That lingering moment just before a first kiss can be so hawt. I've had guys hit me with a surprise "impulsive" kiss which is more of a WTF moment than anything. An ex kissed me for the first time right as I was saying the word vomit. Great. No, no... I like the wait. It's like the hunt.

    -The old massage trick. A little cheeseball, but I defy you to find me an unattached girl who is going to turn down a massage from a guy she is having a good time with.

    -Dancing escalation. If you take her out dancing you have a completely valid reason to get all up on her. You can use that opportunity to create intimacy. That level of closeness will have her breathing you in and at her peak of wanting you (assuming you smell nice and don't step on her feet).

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    The interesting thing she just told me is she was being cautious because I was kinda dating another girl for like 2 months. She always kept (and keeps) asking me about her. She tought I had a girlfriend at first, but this last Saturday I told her I was cutting eerything with this girl who isn't even my gf mostly to let her know that I'm free and also cause i really did that, the other girl was just bringing a lot of shit I don't really need right now.
    So she was actually trying to understand wussup with me. Know I can't keep on waiting to go for it

  7. Uh, yeah, some girls don't like to make a move on a guy who is more or less (in their eyes) taken. People have such fucked up relationships nowadays. It's all fwb or "talking" or non-exclusive dating or something.

    Some girls just want a guy to be actually single, no loose ends, before fucking around with him at all. Our gynecologists sleep better at night and we spend less time fielding drama because you at least ended the previous contract before signing with us. Too many of you put your dick in crazy. At least by dating a truly single guy, we know the psycho bitches are already off-cock in the weaning process.

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    Haha, nice reply!!

    Well, im actually going in a date tonight with this girl. It's the 4th time in gonna see her BUT something interesting just happened yesterday; I updated my fb status with something kinda like "it doesn't matter I you like her or not, what actually matters is if you do something about it... Go for it!" and she liked the status. So I feel like she's welcoming me to go for it :P
    Not that I didn't now before but... I guess it's now or never

  9. Bit of advice.. don't ditch this other girl you have, keep her in your pocket.. you can still be friends etc.. never make anyone your everything. If she knows she can have you she won't want you.

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    You're right too. I have to open her door but let her know that I got options around.

    Well... Last night I went to the movies with her. 4th date. Had a great time but had not much interaction obviously as we were watching the movie, but I escalated on every oportunity I had (not much tho).
    Then we went back to her place. Had some tea, watched tv for a couple of minutes and then her and her mom set up both sofas and we slept there cause she had to wake up early.
    Was a short date and had almost no chance to do much but as I escalated as much as I could she was always receptive. The problem was the movie and the mom, but I didn't know she had to get up tht early so I figured we'd do something after the movie...
    Anyways, she acts super nice with me all the time. She drops compliments from time to time and always says things like "I really loved the whole night" or stuff like that, but at the same time I'm not really getting moments where I could actually go for it. Like she's down but she's doing nothing to welcome me. Or maybe we both are kinda like the same LOL...
    When I first met her I felt she didn't care about me cause she couldn't keep eye contact but maybe she gets nervous, who knows. Maybe because of my music career and all that shit she sees me differently, happens sometimes. I'm not a famous star but I got my lil fanbase here.

    Anyways... I'm not sure if I should send some more direct info to let her know wussup. I don't wanna end up being the gay friend!! Haha... I never had 4 dates in my life without getting at least a kiss. It feels weird cause as much as I feel she's down with me, ain't shit happenig!! :-/

    I'll keep y'all updated

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