Can't see where I went wrong
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    Can't see where I went wrong


    A little back story, the girl is the receptionist at a my dentist office who is probably the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life which is why I am not too willing to let go as I usually would if a girl stops responding. I got her number after finally being able to talk to her alone for five minutes and she was really into the conversation. I had asked her if she wanted to grab coffee this weekend and she said she would love to.

    I texted her the next day and she responded and we talked back and forth while maintaining good banter and conversation. She then asked what I asked the dentist about her because she was getting teased. I said I just asked the dentist if she was single. She said it wasnt a big deal and she was curious. After that she didnt respond to my text so I text a couple hour laters if shes free to talk on the phone and still no reply. I waited two days and gave her a phone call which went unanswered and I left a short voicemail.

    Besides the wall of text, I will get a copy of the texts on here asap. I think I am just mostly venting as I really wanted this girl and was proud of the way I asked her out...But am I done?



  2. You had her curious. By answering her question, you satisfied her curiosity without giving her another loop.

    That was the end.

    She asked a question, you answered it. Should've kept it going playfully and made her more curious.

    Girls are strange creatures, btw. They'll stop texting for any and EVERY reason. That's the one drawback. They will NEVER tell you what you did wrong.

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    The convo is as follows...They are an hour to 30 mins apart as I mirrored her response time.

    Me: Hey its Joey from your office :P

    Her: Hey Joey? Thought it was Joseph.

    Me: It is but I just go by Joeywhen I am not in a office setting lol. Hows your day going?

    Her: I like saying Joseph, sounds good. WEll my day has been easy thanks for asking ATT Wire failure so no one in the area has phone service. makes my job easier. Hows your day?

    Me: I do like the way you say Joseph so we can go with that. Phone breaking down on a friday must be really nice, you didnt plan it did you?...Mine is alright, I finished some work but i still have more that I decided I will put off till Monday haha

    Her: ha ha ha no it wasnt me. just happended to work out in my favor lol...must be nice to be able to make that decision. just out of curosity what did you tell vicky?

    Me: I just asked her if you where single. You mentioned having seen expendables and collateral damage which are not generally movies a girl sees by herself lol.

    her: I'm different

    Me: I noticed and was impressed. I didnt cause any trouble by asking did I?

    Her: No not trouble just a little teasing but its ok.

    me: Nothing wrong with a little teasing between coworkers ;P

    no response so i text a few hours later

    Me: Hey are you free to talk on the phone?

    no response still so i give it a break for two days and call her but have to leave a voicemail just saying "Hey Just wanted to see hows it going. See yah"

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    e: I just asked her if you where single. You mentioned having seen expendables and collateral damage which are not generally movies a girl sees by herself lol.

    her: I'm different

    That was the end of it. She found out exactly what you wanted, and that was it.

    Dont ask if a girl is single - If you get her phone number, she is single - if not, she is at least entertaining the idea of cheating on her boyfriend. What kind of girl gives her phone number out if she has a rock solid relationship going on? I wouldnt be impressed if my GF did.

    Hard question to answer. I would have gone playful - Mmm, I told Vickie that I saw you playing out the back with the phone lines and to keep an eye on you.

    She lost attraction ocne your interest in her, was above her interest in you.

    I wouldnt bother writing to her anymore. If you run into her at the office again, just be funny and witty...Good luck

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    Depressing, I really liked this one and thought we had mutual interest. Ah well, live and learn...Gonna be awkward when I have to call and make an appointment though haha.

  6. That is where you'll have to do like evrything is fine and you didn't lose much when she stopped texting you, cause you have so many waiting around the corner that she was only "one more"... Act really relaxed and cool, make sure you aren't too nice to her (like AFCs would do it, to try to "win her back") and it should be fine. Just try to act the same way you used to!

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    She texted me today saying "hey good morning. hows it going"...I waited two hours and responded like nothing happened and just continued the convo. Smart move?

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    interesting developement i was about to throw in towel. i liked portraits response to her question about vicky.

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