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    Hi All

    Some advice needed. When I was about 17 I had something akin to stomach cancer and had various surgeries, anyway flash forward and I am fine (it doesn't effect my confidence or game in anyway).

    However there is one sticking point, and that is closing for sex without entering into a longer term relationship, as I am worried as to her reaction to the many scars on my chest and back. These aren't sexy scars, but rather very definite surgical scars. What makes matters worse is medically I will also have an almost heart shaped stomach (which just looks odd)

    The option is of course leave your top on, but this also feels weird for me. Any thoughts on how to explain this or whether I even should?



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    If it is very daunting for you, then leave your shirt on. If that is really uncomfortable or you dont enjoy it, then turn the lights off.

    Most ONS wont object if you ask to turn the lights off. Many girls are just as insecure about there bodies as you are. Even the hot ones!

    If she insists to leave the lights on, and you have your shirt off, then I cant imagine this being a HUGE issue. She is already attracted to you, and you are about to fuck her. She will be very unlikely to judge you based on sergical scars for stomach cancer. That would be extremely shallow.

  3. I've hooked up with guys who had some strange shit happening beneath their clothes. Stretch marks, surprising lack of an ass, weird nipples, odd shaving habits. I had a boyfriend who had the Pythagorean theorem tattooed on his ass. So it goes. I liked the person enough to bed them, it doesn't really matter if they look kinda funny naked. In fact, sometimes it's a load off. One apparent physical defect that isn't even your fault and has a cool "I survived cancer" story? Thanks, I can stop being a giant pile of insecurity about my own body now.

    If you're really worried about it, just do as Portrait said. He's been knocking 'em out of the park lately.

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    I have a large scar on my stomach from surgery when I was only a couple weeks old. I don't think it has ever been something a girl has been turned off by. Basically it's only a big deal if you make it a big deal. In fact there are ways you can make it dhv.


  5. Good advice guys, ALPHAAFC, in which way could you turn it into a DHV?

  6. I think as long as you are fine with your scares she will be to. Only if she sees you are uncomfortable with showing your body will it put her in an awkward position but as mentioned before I can't see scares being a major Especially for guys it shouldn't be an issue!

  7. Scars have never bothered me personally, maybe because I have a few myself (abdominal surgery when I was 6). A ONS shouldn't be bothered by it either, because it's about getting laid and not about perfection. Alternative to keeping your shirt on - blindfond her .

  8. hey guys, haven't been here in a while and thought I would update my progress on this.

    As many people said, it didn't matter. I F closed a lot of girls once I asked this question and honestly, it didn't really come up. I realised that once she was that committed and attracted (I'm not super good looking so it always because of my humour ect) she didn't mind anything. The fact is, I make girls cum hard (once again not a natural. I learnt techniques from you wonderful people) I've started to find imperfections normal, especially as you get older.

    I won't go into detail, but I will say if any is having a similar problem or issue with scars and their bpdy please DM me and I will share my experiences and thoughts.

    You all rock


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