Hi All

Just wanted to re-introduce myself. Used to go by Dante and had a great deal of fun as a sub-PUA about for a year about five years back, went out sarging with some big name PUA's and loved every second of it, but fell for a wonderful HB8 and had a happy relationship until things ending mutually recently.

In that time I've built my career from strength to strength and now have a semi-high profile name and presence in my industry (which could make things complicated) and am more content than I have ever been.

Now looking forward to going back into the world and enjoying my time as a single man.

If any of the old guard are around and remember me (used to go by Dante or Dante82) hit me up. If anyone else wants to go sarging in London also let me know. (Of course I'll post in new wingers section)

Good to be back!