advice on opener to barmaid?

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    advice on opener to barmaid?

    Hey guys,
    I've been going to this bar on and off for the last couple of months and I think I've caught the eye of one of the barmaids, a beautiful redhead HB9 (I know what your thinking, tips etc but I live in Britain and we don't tip at bars so she wont be working for one)
    I'm not sure of how to play it, the approach itself I was thinking of an opinion opener but not sure what would really work so thinking of going for a direct opener but in either way, which have you found works best?

    Thanks Keir

  2. Since you've been there a lot, have you even talked to her yet? In many small bars, its easy for waitresses to recognize regular customers, and familiar faces. They want to keep regulars happy and coming back.

    If she really hot, you might want to tread carefully and go the friends route first, because she might have a boyfriend back home. A lot of hot waitresses have to deal with creepy male customers all the time. You don't want to be too pushy because then she'll get angry with you and you'll have to find a new bar.

    Most waitresses are easy to Game because they are working to make the customer happy. They are naturally flirtatious and friendly. An opinion opener should be fine, and you want to dhv yourself. I wouldn't use the direct opener, what were you going to say? It might be too soon for that.

  3. I normally don't sarge waitresses in strip clubs but I had some luck with one on Saturday. Wasn't really there for pickup but was killing time waiting for a call from the hospital regarding a guy I dropped off to see whether I needed to pick him up.

    HB 6 stripper I knew was on me like glue after I came in. Couldn't shake her. Thought I'd lost her as she was talking to another guy but she came by and sat down at my table. Very cute blonde waitress comes up. I order a $25 dollar drink for the stripper.

    Drink comes and she says "its $32, including the alcohol. Is that OK?"

    I said, "no its not, take it back and take the alcohol out of it."

    That line seemed to get her.

    We started bantering and talking. I was having a heck of a lot more fun with her than the stripper.

    Some other things that she liked.

    "Yeah, the last time I was in we had this waitress with an attitude and I said they should send her to charm school but Lacey was defennding her."

    "There's two rules for waitresses. First they have to be hotter than the dancers and second, they have to be charming."

    "So when you gonna dance, you're hotter than any of these dancers."

    At one point she had her face about four inches from mine looking into my eyes and sitting on the arm of my chair. Hard to tell whether she was covering for the stripper who she said was talking to the deaf guy which I misinterpreted as the "death guy".

    The HB 6 was actually ignoring me when I spoke. Totally unacceptable when you have bought her a drink. So I just got up and left her at the table walked by the waitress and bumped into her and told her I was leaving.

    Oh, I did find a good line to blow off a stripper. "Sorry babe, I'm broke. I dated a stripper and she took all my money." I actually used that when I got approached at another club. Should have used it on HB6.

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