How to *believably* transition into DHV story?
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    How to *believably* transition into DHV story?

    This is after an opinion opener and perhaps some conversation/fun and games/asking how they know each other. I've seen some posts like this one:

    which say that you should just say "Oh that reminds me...." and start your story.

    Problem is, people just go (or act as though they're thinking): "Uh, why are you telling us this [story about your ex, whatever]?"

    So how do you actually transition with a plausible reason?

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    Sounds like your storytelling needs more work. Are you just reciting facts or are you emotionally engaging them. You might need to work on your vocal delivery and facial expressions and for that, there are comedians like Louis CK that you can catch on Youtube or Sound Cloud. They even have material you can combine into your own bantering.

    Start here with this awesome article on storytelling by LS's Nick Hoss, voted number one instructor last Super Conference by the attendees.

    You'll want to check out any LS articles on Intrigue-based attraction. There is even an Interview Series on it. And there is also a really cool instructor named Intrigue that "knows every goddamned thing about Pickup," according to LS's most experienced instructor, Future. Check both of them out.

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