How to provide a full range of emotions?
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    How to provide a full range of emotions?

    I desperately need to learn this, as my game, while sound at the mechanics, is lacking any emotional relevance.

    How would you go about providing women a full range of emotions?

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    purposely delivered pauses in your stories, varying your tonality from maybe something normal to more slowly delivered words with deeper tone, stories that get her laughing, telling stories that don't focus on logical facts, but more on how you felt at the particular time (my heart was pounding, I couldn't think straight, I could feel the heat on my skin, her tongue felt moist against my balls) which reminds me push/pull is great and the bait, hook, reel, release model. Build them up and cut them down. ex. That's awesome you're so passionate about what you want in life, I like a woman that has a drive and sense of where she's going.....too bad you're such a dork

    It can be non verbal too, on a high put your arm around her bring her in and say something like "you're awesome I love you" then you can say "oh you're blonde" push her away teasingly. Same thing if you give a girl a hug on a date or your kissing her or something, you break the contact first and say "okay thats all you get" their reaction. Backturns, takeaways also work

  3. Don't try to be overly well rounded with emotions. Unless you have it mastered it comes across very transparent and desperate. When I've seen guys "try" to be well rounded emotionally in the beginning they come across as to try hard more times than not.
    If you really wanna try to add it to your game and you're a beginner with it just think of yourself as a baseball pitcher. Don't throw too many fastballs, curve balls, etc. Mentally think of direct as "fastball" humor as "slider" aloof as "curve ball" and occasionally switch em up.
    It's an easier way to have some self control and ease different emotions in. You'll more thank likely not mess it up as bad using this simple internal game. You're welcome.. HH

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