FR: New stack new club

Last night went to a new club, it was unreal, wall to wall with hot girls, to be honest I didn't open any sets, I did get opened but I never closed the deal.

So I chill out in the smoking area and I get me and my friends to take over the centre table, the one that everyone has to walk past, theres only a few of us and its a big table so new people will be sitting there on a regular basis.

Got talking to a dancer, shes very open but its because she has a boyfriend, I got this out of her by talking about relationships and she mentioned she didn't expect to come over here and meet the love of her life, pitty but shes cool so I continue to talk to her, she did come back a few times over to me, she also tried to hook me up with one of her friends but shes not my type at all.

A few other none significant things happened with girls but nothing to write about, oh I did hear a guy using game which made me laugh.

PUAnostils: Hey guys, quick question, blah blah opinion opener...

For a laugh I interupt his set for a second and had the two girls turn round and talk to me a leave him hanging there looking awkward but I'm not an asshole so I talk to him for a sec so the attentions back on him then I say have a good night guys, so he's not blown out, also when I get up to leave I tell them they can have my seats, jesus do I got to do everything for this guy lol nice to see theres other out there but in this day in age I would not be using material from 6 years ago

I'm a bit off my game tonight, my new stack has me a bit flustered trying to remember it, next week I'll have it sorted thou, plus this clubs actually filled with aussie women, and I've been told consistantly that they wont talk to non aussies but thats bullshit, thats coming from guys who get way too drunk and have bad game.

The one regret I have for the night was I see a chick I'm actually hot for she holds eye contact with me for a second, next minute shes over standing beside my group right beside me with her friend back turned to me... proximity!

I don't open because we're leaving and I'm tired, I've been here 5 hours, they end up walking off, so we go to get a taxi and low and behold there she is again, we almost get kicked out of the taxi so I turn to her and say "we might be getting kicked out of this taxi so you guys can have it" she shows open interest.

HBaussiereddresschick: hey, wheres your accent from?

God damn it if only I had of opened earlier! but too late the taxis going and my mates are shouting at me, I got a feeling I'll see her again thou, it's a very popular night club here.

Back ontop of things next week thou and on with drinks today.