The Key to Becoming the Ultimate Alpha Male
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  1. The Key to Becoming the Ultimate Alpha Male

    It's maximizing your authentic best self and the public's awareness of your maximum authentic best self. Or stated another way, publicizing and monetizing your maximum authentic best self.

    This is how a caterer working from home becomes the Martha Stewart enterprise. This is why a construction worker becomes Bob Vila. This is why a homeless guy turns into John Paul Mitchell. This is why Hermes named a bag after Jane Birkin: the Birkin bag.It begins with learning your own personal BRAND.

    Then you monetize your BRAND. It wasn't an accident that JFK's best seller, Profiles in Courage, came out right before he was elected. Nor was it an accident that Obama's best seller was The Audacity of Hope, right before he was elected.

    And if you go back in the Kennedy family history, you will see that BRAND started with JFK's dad. He staged virtual fashion editorials with his family on lush green lawns, while they were all clad in pure white clothes--without a hitch of grass stain on any of them. Those photos were then revealed to the public.

    BRANDING yourself as authentically as you can is key. All the other Alpha Male garbage goes out the window, because those traits come naturally to most people when they are being their best self. Branding is the difference between the unknown real estate developer and Donald Trump.

    What creates a more emotional response in people? Being referred to as "the Vice President of Research and Development" or being called "the hot new guy we have on a 3 year contract?" The difference is one guy knows how to brand himself and the other guy doesn't.

    Needless to say, those who know how to brand themselves ultimately achieve more in life and do it more easily than others. And getting girls becomes second nature.

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    very interesting ideas.

    how about using an alter-ego name though?

    Like eben pagan does - david d?

    Are alter egos a good name, or should we stick to our real name to build our brand?

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    I agree that you need to be your best self to become alpha, but you don't need to make it public.

    By all means yes - you need social status - but so long as you're aware of your inner self and know that you're the prize, people will be naturally attracted to you.

  4. Thats sexy, can u elaborate a little bit more?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Hatman
    very interesting ideas.

    how about using an alter-ego name though?

    Like eben pagan does - david d?

    Are alter egos a good name, or should we stick to our real name to build our brand?
    I think an alter ego is fine as long as you can maintain your authenticity. I mean, Ziggy Stardust was an invention of David Bowie, who did marry a supermodel Iman.

    Quote Originally Posted by BetterThan View Post
    I agree that you need to be your best self to become alpha, but you don't need to make it public.

    By all means yes - you need social status - but so long as you're aware of your inner self and know that you're the prize, people will be naturally attracted to you.
    Some people are on life's stage while others merely play the background. Maybe your choice is the latter.

    Quote Originally Posted by torchme9800 View Post
    Thats sexy, can u elaborate a little bit more?
    Sure. This isn't just about attraction, this is about an entire lifestyle/role reinvention. This is partly show business and part entertainment which requires knowing your unique role and knowing your audience. The roots go back to Hollywood, partly via James Dean and Rock Hudson. While not in front of the camera, these guys were busy promoting themselves elsewhere, just like the Reagan's and Obama did later. These guys were ultimate alpha males who every girl wanted to sleep with. Part of their power came from the fact that they were household names. They were on stage, not in the background and as a result, their booking value to films was huge. And their influence was astronomical. Heck, even to this day we study the non-verbal communications of James Dean and apply it to ourselves. I'd say that's impactful living. It also goes way beyond just status, that's blasť and in leading global cities of the world like New York or London or Paris, status is common and sterile.

    I'll write more about substantiating your game plan when I get back from Paris and Berlin.

  6. Well, my flight to Europe got rescheduled for today, so what I can say is study Louis B. Mayer. He's co-founder of Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) films, the creator of the Academy Awards and is largely credited with creating Hollywood--yes, creating the Movie Star system that started in Hollywood. The idea is to replicate what Mayer applied to his actors and actresses to your own authentic personal brand.

    The core of the personal brand is your 15 second elevator pitch about what you do. If it doesn't give someone whiplash when they hear it in less than 20 words, it's not effective. The periphery of your personal brand are the 8 activities that you do on a daily basis that feed the advancement of your ultimate career spotlight. Once you look at the 8 activities, you will see that they all reinforce each other.

    One of those activities can be "lady's man" or "Most Eligible Bachelor"...again, it's not by accident James Dean and Rock Hudson were sex icons to millions of women.


    Where to start? With pictures! Basically, if you could live any dream life you want to live, what 8 activities would that dream life be? And if you were already living them, how would that look in pictures? Use a picture to perfectly portray moments wherein you are telegraphing your best authentic self's success.

    Test driving the Mercedes? Get a photo! Dress your best, (I'm not talking Mens Warehous either here folks) have a well dressed female with you, and tell the salesperson or whoever HOW to take the picture. That becomes a symbol of your upwardly mobile career trajectory and simultaneously, pre-selection cuz you have a hot girl with you. You don't have to pretend that you already have the Mercedes, just test driving it because you are visualizing the future you want for yourself is ENOUGH. You must know how to maintain the distinction between your Authentic Core Self and possible broadcasting of a false identity at all times. Narcissism is one of the worst killers of personal happiness there is.

    Did you stay a fancy hotel where the bellhop took your bags? Get a photo of the Porter gingerly taking care of your girls Prada bag while you gentlemenly slip the porter a small bill for a tip. It demonstrates Class, pre-selection, and status all at one time. Then broadcast your photo! How you say?

    Easy. Social Media. Tweet THE PERFECT picture to the hotel! If it's good enough, the hotel might retweet it to all it's followers. Tweet the perfect picture back to Mercedes! Keep the photo logged somewhere in Social Media space like Instagram or Pinterest or a blog or Facebook. You need to create your own following, which will happen over time.

    This is nothing new. It's all been done before. In more academic terms,
    in a book FAME 101, the Jessup's wrote that
    "Old Joe Kennedy was a character, and very, very smart...Joe founded and funded the fanfare that became the Kennedy Family Fame Machine...their fame rollout took place over the decades and demonstrated every element of the fame formula orchestrated with inspiring artistry....The Kennedy legacy started with compelling images. Most of us have the boxes of old yellowing photos, news clips, graduation announcements, and low-quality video chronocling our family history. Have you ever wondered how the Kennedy family has so many IDEAL photo images and such great videos?

    Joe Kennedy had professional photographers and some of the earliest videographers capturing his family's every prepared moment. Family football aciton photos taken on the estate's lawn showed how healthy and happy they all were, but how is it they were often wearing white with no grass stains in the midst of lawn football?"
    In his book PORTRAITURE, Richard Brilliant quotes Zelda, an Isreali author,
    "Each man has a name, given him by God, and given by his father and mother. Each man has a name given him by his stature and his way of smiling, and given him by his clothes. Each man has a name given him by the mountains and given him by his walls. Each man has a name given him by the planets and given him by his neighbors. Each man has a name given him by his sins and given him by his longing. Each man has a name given him by his love. Each man has a name given him by his feast days and given him by his craft. Each man has a name given him by the seasons of the year and given him by his blindness...." Brilliant went on to say, "Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolin, Eva Peron, and so many others needed no labels to identify their portraits, but their artists were not the first to discover how effective was the deliberate replication of a singular image for wide public distribution. Ancient Egypt and Imperial Rome had long ago developed the technique of displaying a specific portrait type of an important public figure so insistently and frequently that it became the ostensible sign of the great person portrayed."
    Substitute the word ROLE for the word name above, and you should instantly get it. Each man has a "role" given him by his stature and his way of smiling. Sound familiar there all you ALPHA MALE chasers?


    And when we graduated from High School we actually thought we outgrew the popularity games that came with High School! The truth of the matter, is that some of the principles that made kids popular in high school still apply in our adult lives outside of high school. Namely, popularity by association.

    So I'm writing this presuming you've actually taken the time to carefully analyze why you want fame, beyond just for vain reasons. Solid reasons for desiring fame go beyond trying to glorify yourself. We want to think more like Kant, the greatest good for the greatest number. Or think along the lines of actually having something substantive and timeless to contribute to the advancement of humanity or our profession. With motivations like that, fame is just another tool to help one achieve their aspirations as well as improve everyone elses lives along the way. Being the best qualified for the job at hand isn't enough. But knowing how to play the fame game can give you the tools to advance society as a whole. And a nice side benefit is gaining massive Alpha Status too, which opens up loads of opportunities to gaming girls.

    The above photo goes back to High School in a sense. For in that photo, which is a Christie's Auction House ADVERTISMENT, you have the great artists of their time from Leonardo Da Vinci, to Andy Warhol, to...James Christie (the last picture)???

    James Christie was just the founder of the auction house, not an artist. But by promoting the founder alongside the collective status of the true artists, Christie's as a business gains artistic fame by association. He made his business an "art" in it of itself and in effect, created loads of value for the world who uses Christie's auction houses.

    So I'm not saying to go hang out with all the paparazzi outside of Paris Hilton's hotel room so you can hope to catch a shot with her. But what I am saying is to find the existing leaders within whatever group you can bring value to and perhaps add a photo of yourself with those leaders (preferably have them add a photo with you on their instagram, or their facebook). It's photo evidence you are aligned with the "leadership of men" as Mr. M talks about.

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    Agree to disagree with OP. If you think that you should be branded cuz you're special, or you know, then you're as clueless as anyone else.

    And actually I think most girls would be more attracted to the "hot new fun mysterious guy on a 3 year contract". Then the "Vice President" of some bullshit.

    EDIT: The more I read your posts the more I disagree with them. You're obsessed with social value. But as TD says, that is only one of the big things where you can grow. Focusing too much on one, will cause you to miss out on others.
    On the other hand once girls see you with certain social value they will EXPECT it. Therefore they will be constantly sad if you do not meet them.
    The whole social game is a small big BS to make your EGO feel good.

    EDIT2: Im gonna explain better. You think that being popular, Branded, or whatever is gonna get you laid. Well guess what, been there done that. Not going to add much to your life. Real value people won't love you just because you're X BRAND. They ll love you for YOU.

    All the best,

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    Mr Bond Guest

    Some of the best advice I ever got on the subject of confidence and dominance is to stop judging myself and overthinking everything. As Tenmagnet says, the girl who looks in the mirror and says "Damn I'm gorgeous" and the girl who looks and says "Damn I'm ugly" are each just as bad. The girl who doesn't have to look in the mirror to feel good is the one who's got it figured out.

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