Hi y'all! I need some help...
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    Hi y'all! I need some help...

    Hi y'all!

    It has been a long time since ive been aware of "game".. but i guess Mystery always put me off it..with the whole hat and routines thing. Seeing an interview with adam lyons recently changed my perspective...

    So lets get through the whole painful childhood thing quick. My mother is a bit of an odd one, though i love her. Suicide attempts, and demonic possessions were two running themes from my childhood. I attempted to kill myself at 16 because my girlfriend cheated on me with a ginger.. bless, what a little muppet i was!

    I bumbled on, always feeling awkward.. got with an average looking girl, 2 month relationship, got with a fairly cute girl, 2 year relationship. When that ended, I went mad again.. no suicide attempts, but severe depression.

    At this time, I was going out, and learning street caricature. I started to make serious money from it about 6 years ago. today, its my full time income.. I talk to strangers, and honeys, literally hundreds a week.

    My interactions with women floated along, getting better as i started to grow. A few encounters, two more love-of -my-lifes, and two more serious depressions (lasting months after we broke up)

    When i was 22, I had an awakening from illusions that had clouded my childhood. I went through a very spiritual phase. you know they say, in the moment.. i had weeks of nothing but prescence.

    In general now, Im happy to say im a much more happy person. I have friends, and food, and art, and music, in my life. And I have a few women I have sex with.. I'm ok! But after years of doing street caricatures..where i walk up to people and draw them while interacting with them..and then take money, you would think i could get any women i want! I so regularly have interactions with hot women without getting laid its not funny! I need some help!

    A good spell last summer where i was nearly getting the women i wanted..and always getting the ones i didnt haha.. Two girls walked up to me, and asked for a lighter. I said, "only if you will both have a threesome with me". And then got to make out with them both, and see them both make out together..in the street...12 midday sunday! So I have my moments...but i didnt get any numbers, or a threesome

    right now, my confidence is 100 percent. I, quite genuinely, no longer give a fuck. Approach anxiety, pssshhhh. the idea of it. but i still, for whatever reason, an absolute AFC! I need help... but I hope to stand among the best, soon. I'm ready for it! Teach me please! I have potential! I guess first I need a pseudonym.. batman will do.


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    You need to help yourself here bud

    You say your confident - go out and chat to some chicks. Tell her you like her and want to get to know her.



    Read books and the posts here for additional info.

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    Okay first of all (dont take this the wrong way) but keep the life story to yourself, its kinda freaky. And I'm saying this for when you're talking to girls. On this forum its okay and kinda necessary.

    I noticed one thing you said about the "threesome" comment. You used a manipulation technique (not sure the real name) I call overshooting. Principle is that if someone turns down a big request, the will accept a smaller one. Therefore a makeout. Another problem is that you didn't isolate one of the girls. YOU CANT GET ALL OF THE GIRLS IN A SET, ONLY ONE.

    The opposite of overshooting is lowballing. You promise something for a low price then get them invested and as soon as you're about to close the price gets jacked up sky high. Since they're invested, they'll go for the high price anyways. For example a girl asked you to draw her picture and you go "dont worry its free." You finish drawing the picture and you're about to give it to her but you snatch it back right as she's about to grab it "free... and your phone number." Since she still wants the picture, and she's technically still getting it free, she'll give you the digits anywayz.



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