Follow-up game/day#2 when you know she's busy

Thoughts on follow-up and trying to get day#2 when you KNOW the girl is busy.

Background: During our initial meeting, i tried to set up the day #2 right away. She mentioned she's best on weekends, but the next two she has plans - weekend #1, she is moving, the 2nd weekend, she is out of town.

It's almost been one week and we've had a few very short txt conversations..too short to establish logistics as she stops txting randomly... (note: she will txt back when I reinitiate the day after etc...)

Because our txt exchanges are so short, with my next txt (likely Saturday), I'm thinking about going straight to logistics. We are approaching weekend#1 (she is moving)... so she's certainly going to be busy finishing packing. Should I wait until Tuesday (she moves on Monday) when she's done moving before contacting her / trying to set up day #2?