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    Play to Win

    Disclaimer: This goes way beyond pick up. This is a philosophy on life. If you want a routine you are going to be disappointed.

    Some men wake up in the morning and grab life by it's throat. Some of them wake up and do an extreme sport like rock climbing or mixed martial arts. Others give their life, and soul to their business. These men have a bright light shining in their eyes, and a fire burning in their hearts.

    Other men wake up in the morning glassy eyed, and zombie-like. They are breathing, but they are not alive. They strive for nothing, and are content with their lots in life. If you stare into the eyes of one of these men you see a man whose soul is broken. He may very well have hopes and expectations for his life, but he does not work for them.

    This community is full of both of these kinds of men. Many men are the second kind because they fear one thing: Failure. Take a fictional character named Paul. Paul started learning the Dating Sciences. He is now capable of opening moderately attractive girls, and Paul is absolutely ecstatic. somehow, he still does not open those 10's. The girls who turn every head in a club, and cause men to drop their drinks in shock that such a beautiful creature exists.

    Paul has become used to attention of an average girl, and he does not want to feel rejection again. Paul is playing to not lose. This same attitude can go across to other areas of your life, not just women. And I have to say, that's no way to live your life. You should live your life to the fullest extent. I want to live my life swinging for the fences, I want everything I accomplish to be splashed across the history books for the next 1,000 years.

    FORGET just settling for what the average person deems acceptable. For me, greatness is the the only thing I will accept for my life. You will fail along the way, but count that as a lesson and something to laugh about when you are looking back on your life 50 years from now as a hugely successful male.

    I won't settle, I hope you guys won't either.

    - Grimbo

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    yeah good post! i definitely agree. if you aren't innovating, youre stagnating! thanks for the inspirations

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    Play to win.

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    This is why I jump out of bed in the mornings now.

    PLAY TO WIN!!!!

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    Pretty good for a homo .


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    Quote Originally Posted by BetterThan View Post

    Pretty good for a homo .

    I'm gonna start editing your posts and moving your threads to places all over the forums >:^)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimbo View Post
    I'm gonna start editing your posts and moving your threads to places all over the forums >:^)

    I'm telling on you.

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