LR: That shit doesn't work on me

Met a few girls out a while back in the smoking area, I used my brilliant "hey, have you got a light" opener, never fails, my target is a gorgeous little 5ft nothing pitch black haired girl with a top knot

Slipped into normal asking where they're from but it turned into a banter war, her and her friends just abused me and talked shit about me for about 20 minutes, I sat there laughing at their attempts, Because I know exactly what to do, the usual old

agree - absurify - change the subject

or as i like to do it

Agree with a smile, shake my head like I can't believe how much of a dork they are and plow on

So i let them have their fun and games then I turn to my target and say one of the ultimate turn around rouintes eva!

Said in a soft way

"Hey look, all bullshit aside, I know I've sat and took abuse of you for the past 20 minutes but I know you're actually a really nice chick, like girls have to cause you guys meet so many dickheads on a night out" *Note: I always use this sort of thing to disarm cockblock etc I used it more recent on a cockblock when she was calling me a loser and shit, I just said something similar but how I like how she was looking out for her friend and how I could tell she was a really good friend lol ninja, she flipped aswell...


She flips like a pancake, tried to give me her number but her cockblock friend grabbed the phone, my target even tried to tell her not to because she liked me and that I challenged her, didn't matter thou she had another guy beside her she was actually going out with but I didn't know at the time, lucky I befriended him, and her friend was the ultimate cockblock from hell.

Anyway weeks later she comes up to me in a club and starts talking about that night and how the guy turned out to be an asshole, she also said he was angry at her that night.

We go for a smoke then on to the dance floor, some guy tries to muscle his was in so I wrap my arms around her waist pick her up and turn 180 degrees and set her back down, she can't resist and we start kissing, she starts slapping me on the face, so I gentally smack her back, this goes on a few more times and shes loving it, massive smile on her face.

I ask her what shes doing later, and she takes me outside we get a taxi back to hers, no LMR!