Nightclub Busboy/Barback PUA Advice?
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  1. Nightclub Busboy/Barback PUA Advice?

    Im going to start working as barback soon in a nightclub and im thinking of how should I open or start conversations on the job? Most of my pickups are during the day and I always go direct. Should I go direct with the girls? Also I just turned 21 but I look like im 18 and most of the crowd there is around 25. Any advice on dressing is also a help?

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    Just talk to people... They are drunk, and social... It will be very easy to open girls

    I wouldnt go direct on them though, you dont want to get in shit at work for jsut hitting on every single girl in the pub.

    Have a sence of humour and joke with girls at the pub, dont be to obvious. They will more often than not approach you as you work there. You arent there to game girls either, you are there to work. So make sure that is your first priority. When you get some spare time, meet the regulars etc - make them feel welcome in the venue, as this also looks good for your work. Plus you can then start to meet their friends etc... Possibly stick around after work for a drink if you can, and you can meet more poeple that way.

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