Cajun Zürich bootcamp - June 2012

Zürich, a city without any real back streets. If you looked carefully, the city could have been the inspiration for any French graphic novel artist, with a taste for the slightly dreamlike. And already at the airport one saw that the women where so stylish one couldn’t be sure about the age. One could miss by almost ten years, in the direction that suited them best. A bit like Stockholm.
As frequently happens; Love Systems ran with an unusual high instructor-to-student ratio. And with a somewhat homogenous student group, the instructors could pick bars, pubs and clubs with a noise level low enough to get to work.
The way the instructors ran the show, reminded me somehow about a ship. With Cajun standing slightly back, as the captain, in the seminary part. Supplementing from time to time with observations that sounded slightly off-topic, but with accurate content. The Canadian Lumberjack beard and the sunglasses just reinforced the captain-of-the ship feel. Tenmagnet was the Quartermaster when not in field. I don’t know, but I had always had an impression of Tenmagnet as possibly aloof. But some few weeks before the bootcamp I learnt that Tenmagnet had some of the same history as myself. And knowing that some of that deeper stuff were there, and had been lifted to the surface – in for example a phone consultation with Cajun – it was easier to concentrate on sticking points that we could work on in the field. In the end the information funnel to my brain was close to overload, but I would really like to pick Tenmagnet’s brain again in the future. If Cajun and Tenmagnet were the officers with experience and insight, Juan was the engineer. If Cajun wanted to grab my neck and get me out on the nearest pavement, for not having kissed a girl. Juan had already got me out there, and was breaking the initiation of a kiss down in minute details, so it would be easier for me to fool my own brain into doing it better the next time. Juan has these detailed, small observations he has done, that can smoothen your game. Especially in how to execute the details.
Discussions, two rounds of night game, and two rounds of day game. Not pushed so far beyond the edge that one ceased to function. But still enough to loose more then two-and-half kilo in one weekend.