New to town, looking for new friends and fellow sargers
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    New to town, looking for new friends and fellow sargers

    Hi guys.
    Ive been living around asia for 6 years and now starting again in HK. Ive been in Japan and Thailand. You know how it goes, move to a new city and you need to start from scratch. So im looking for new friends as well.
    Ive been into PUA material for years. I have so many books and courses, i can share them all to keep you busy studying for the next 5 years. My latest studies have been from AMP; Authentic Man Program which is Inner game material.
    Id like to exchange info with you about nightlife spots, good day game areas etc.
    (I think day game is so much easier, yet I need to step up and get into it)
    Is anyone gracious enough to invite me to The American Club? LOL

    About me, 34 from Los Angeles.

    Id be happy to meet both Cantonese and foreigners in HK for both sarging, party in general, or things like hitting up the paintball course / Airsoft range on the weekend for good fun. For those of you that weight lift, id gladly join you at the gym.

    Im going to be living in Causewaybay.
    I arrive July 6, PM me and ill have a Tel number by then.

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