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    Project Rockstar 2012 Daily Journals

    Project Rockstar 2012 is here!

    As with each years' program, the Rockstars will be posting daily journal entries about their journey. Given what these guys are going to go through, it's going to be some seriously insightful stuff. 9 weeks, 24/7 instructor attention, and over 50 continuous days of in-field training spanning Montreal, Budapest, and Stockholm - 3 locations known to have some of the hottest girls in the world. It's going to be one hell of a ride.

    The curriculum for Project Rockstar brings forth something very special and important to me. Last year, Gary and I set out to create the first Love Systems long-term training curriculum, spanning everything he and I had ever learned from the dating science community. We took the complications of everything we knew and distilled it down to something very simple and effective, which we coined "Game 3.0" ( It's a style of game that focuses heavily on natural game, (re)discovering your masculinity, and learning how to "feel" your way through interactions. Moreover, it's predicated on realizing that girls are actual people with emotions and feelings, not just numbers and conquests.

    Game 3.0 blew the minds of all the Rockstars last year (, it blew the minds of the students on the 10-day bootcamp we created (, and we've only made it better since. Keep an eye out for what this year's Rockstars say about it, as well as the students from the upcoming 10-day bootcamp in Las Vegas ( Pushing the dating science envelope, that's what its all about.

    The Rockstars have been taking part in a 12-week pre-Rockstar training program. The program was heavily focused on getting these guys into the best shape of their lives before coming into our hands. The guys will tell you more about their experience with it below, but believe it when I say they all worked their ASSES off. The results are pretty jaw dropping, these guys are stacked now! We had them go through this for good reason. I can't emphasize enough the importance of being fit if you really want to get good with this stuff. It'll build more raw masculinity within you than any other thing you can do, girls will love how you look and feel, and your confidence will go through the roof. It doesn't come easy... but nothing worth having does.

    We've also had the guys doing weekly exercises as part of the pre-training program to get their minds working in the right way. The boys can tell you more about that below.

    A special thanks to the participating instructors this year (more to be announced soon!):

    Mr. M
    Mark V

    Also a special thanks to the army of interns, Rockstar alum, ACs, and mentors who are making this possible.

    So without further delay, Gary and I are proud to bring to you the Project Rockstar class of 2012!


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    James T Introduction

    Hi everyone!

    I canít describe in words how excited I am to be about to take part in Project Rockstar 2012 and Iím also really happy to have the chance to share my experiences throughout my journey with everyone here in this blog.

    To be honest, Project Rockstar has already begun for me. As part of the deal of being accepted this year, we all agreed to take part in a 12 week full body transformation. Including (for my body type) a strict weight gain diet plan consisting of 9 meals a day and heavy gym work. I am now in the best shape of my life and my confidence has increased shitloads. Iím so proud of the body I have now, Its winter outside and freezing and I am walking around with no shirt lol. I put in so much work to get there tho, it was really tough.

    We were also given weekly game assignments to complete to improve our skills leading up to it. The focus was mostly around banter and teasing. I found them to be pretty tough because we had to come up with all our own teases, not canned stuff. I am already finding my mind starting to think more in that way. I am now always looking for what I can playfully tease about in my interactions.

    A bit about me and my background. I am a retired professional surfer from Australia. I used to travel the world competing in surfing competitions and doing photo trips for surfing magazines. I gave that up to follow my real passion, which is music. I am now a progressive house DJ/Producer. I have had a few of my own productions released and played by some of the Worlds biggest DJs including Paul Oakenfold and Above & Beyond and up until recently, I held a residency in a popular nightclub in Australia.

    All throughout my life I have been terrible and terrified of women. Before I got into game, I thought that women only went for successful or rich guys so becoming a pro surfer would fix all my problems with dating. Instead of going out and working on becoming better with women and in social situations, I put all of my effort into surfing and eventually I turned pro. It didnít do anything what so ever to help my success with girls. I then thought that becoming a successful DJ would help me but that also didnít help at all. I figured it must be something wrong internally with me and thatís when I started searching and found Love Systems. I read magic bullets and quickly discovered that pretty much every single thing it says not to do with women I was doing and my first thought was ďWow I have a long way to goĒ. Then I started on the long journey of breaking a lifetime of bad habits and self-defeating behaviours.

    I have been in and out of Psychologists offices most of my adult life and spent a small fortune on Doctors bills. I was diagnosed with social anxiety and for a long period I was on antidepressants and anti anxiety medications. Almost a year ago, I took a LS bootcamp with Cajun, Bullet and Tenmagnet and I have to say it was the best thing I have ever done (btw I am not being paid to say this). To give you an idea of where I was when I started. I was so nervous about doing the bootcamp I almost didnít go even though I had already paid. Since taking my bootcamp and forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone and learn game, I have now learned that social anxiety is not something that you are stuck with, it can be overcome and I have come so far in a year compared to when I started. I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be, socially and with game. I hope to achieve that during Project Rockstar 2012.

    What I hope to learn during Project Rockstar is how to become more internally validated and how to improve my confidence and self-belief with women and in life in general. I want to get rid of my negative beliefs about myself, which are proving to be quite hard to shake and I want to learn how to forge a dream life for myself that is abundant in every way. A true rockstar lifestyle.

    Finally, If anyone would like to post any questions they have, I will try my best to answer everyone. Feel free to get involved and post. I look forward to it. Jimmy T

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    Pre Training reflection post

    90 whole chickens, 18kg Tuna, 18 kg steak, 10kgs brown rice, 25kgs weight gain powder, 6kg protein powder and 60 bags broccoli later here we are. Wow! What a journey, that was frickin intense! I just completed my first ever 12 week body transformation program.

    I can’t believe how much weight I have put on! 17.5 pounds in 12 weeks! It was not easy. I had to eat 9 meals a day, eating every 2 hours. My body was constantly sore and every muscle group was hurting. Eating all that plain food was by far the hardest part. My stomach was constantly bloated and I haven’t felt hungry for the last 3 months. There were also days when I was really tired after work and I didn’t want to go to the gym. I had to kick myself in the ass and go anyway even when every fibre in my body wanted to sit down and rest. Every day was a challenge in the gym, lifting to failure on every set and increasing the weight I was lifting each week meant I was never in my comfort zone and always hurting.

    I got through the first few weeks relatively easy, I remember thinking, ‘this wont be too hard’ Wrong! By the 3rd week I was craving McDonalds so bad and I NEVER eat McDonalds. I just had this craving for a greasy hamburger, the greasier the better, you know the ones where your hands are wet all the way to your arm when your eating it, yeah ones like that but I didn’t give in! By the 6th week I was so over eating all that food with no flavor, I was almost throwing up every time I ate, just because I was already so full and also the food was so bland. I didn’t know how I was going to do another 6 weeks. This is where my will power was really tested, every day for the last 6 weeks, especially when my friends at work were eating hamburgers, pies, chips and chocolate next to me everyday. I had to block out the pain and the cravings and keep focused on my end goal. The last 3 weeks were the worst, I wanted to quit so bad and eat some nice food but I had to prove to myself that I could last the full 12 weeks without cheating or quitting.

    I feel I have learnt a lot about myself and gained some important lessons from doing this 12 week transformation. One of them being I can do anything I put my mind to and another being, no matter how much pain I’m in I’m not a quitter. These are both confidence building mindsets for me. Also I feel like I have become more comfortable about my body and looks now also which is nice. I think it was a great idea getting the rockstars to go through this 12 weeks transformation before the start of rockstar as we will all be going in with more confidence and self esteem which will help get us through the though times. We weren’t alone in the transformation, Sterling Gary and Vici all did it with us. It was Sterling and Vici’s 3rd time doing the 12 week program and I saw photos of them they other day, they are both beasts! I would definitely recommend anyone to do the program, the added confidence and masculinity you feel is so worth the pain.

    With under 4 days to go until rockstar begins I am feeling a range of emotions ranging from excited to nervous to ‘wow this is actually going to happen, I am really about to do project rockstar, I wonder what crazy shit they will make me do’. It still hasn’t fully sunk in yet.

    Im out for now

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    ARYEH J Introduction

    Up until now Iíve lived a pretty interesting life. Iíve spent numerous semesters abroad, lived abroad for a few years after University, published a book and have a job that many students graduating college would love to have. However, Iíve always felt that something was missing. The life I am currently living is not for me. Life is short and I want to enjoy every second of it. Now, Iím 26 years old working in finance, at job I donít particularly like and I realized that I needed to make a change. Too many people just settle, whether itís for money, or because society tells them to or just because they are too lazy or too scared to make the leap. I refuse to be one of those people. One of my biggest fears is being one of those old people that say, ďI wish I took more chances when I was youngerĒ, or ďI wish I travelled the worldĒ. When Iím older Iím going to look back at my life and say ďThat was a fucking awesome rideĒ.

    For one reason or another Iíve never quite been able to figure out women. Iím good looking and have done many interesting things but Iíve always relied on that to attract girls. Even though it may get you in the door and get you some initial attraction, thatís about all it will get you. Iím proof of that. As tough as it was I had to look at myself in the mirror and admit that I have limiting beliefs of myself and with women, I knew that needed to make a change if I wanted understand what it really means to live.

    One thing Iíve learned is that ultimately you can do anything you want if you want it bad enough. I want to be incredible with women and I want to live an awesome life and I will do whatever is takes to get there. I left my job and making the leap -- Project Rockstar!!!

    Though Project Rockstar hasnít happened yet, I already know that going on it is one of the best decisions I've ever made. There are few things as empowering as taking control of your life. The chance to make to take life in a new direction, break down comfort zones and do it with like-minded people is a gift. I am excited beyond belief and I do not have words to fully describe the excitement and exhilaration I feel inside. I have no idea what I will do after Rockstar and where I will be -- Iím leaving that up in the air. I think thatís part of the Rockstar experience -- you make the leap and see where it takes you. Iím a firm believer in the saying ďFortune favors the boldĒ. I must admit that as excited as I am, I am also extraordinarily nervous. Expanding ones comfort zones and facing fears is probably one of the most difficult things to do. Itís painful and damaging to the ego but I believe that it is a necessary step in becoming my best self.

    I hope to leave Rockstar feeling more confident in myself, amazing with women, amazing with people in general, a better understanding of how to live my dream and the steps to begin living my dream Ė an all-around better and more fulfilling life. Not to mention an unforgettable 9 week adventure filled with stories that I will have for the rest of my life. We often donít follow our dreams because we are fearful and my intention throughout Rockstar is to break those fears.

    For the 3 months leading up to Project Rockstar, all of the Rockstars have been on this incredible body transformation exercise and diet plan. The plan requires 1.5-2 hours every day in the gym and consuming 8-9 meals a day, which definitely is not easy. The first month was really hard but at this point, with one month left Iím in the zone and have never felt so healthy in my life. For those that have the commitment I would highly recommend doing one of these intense transformation programs. Your confidence will skyrocket. Itís a funny thing about exercise and diet Ė itís really a game changer. Coming into this program I was very skinny and always felt like I wasnít masculine enough. 8 weeks into the program Iíve gained 8 pounds and I just feel more like a man. Itís pretty interesting how the more masculine I feel the more sexual tension there is in my interactions with women. Itís as if women are naturally drawn to the masculinity.

    To end this off, I am once again extraordinarily excited about Rockstar and I hope that my leap and journey to live the dream will inspire others to do the same.

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    Pre-Training Reflections

    Last Sunday was the final day of the most intensive workout and diet regimen that I have ever done – literally insane. Completing something this intense with almost 2 hours of exercising daily and eating 8-9 meals a day for 12 weeks straight is a real accomplishment and I feel a sense of pride. I’ve achieved the body I’ve always wanted and health wise I feel great. Generally, looks aside, being healthy just feels good – I’ve got more energy, more confidence and I look stacked.

    When I was first told that I along with the rest of this year’s Rockstars were going to have to be on this regimen I really didn’t think it was possible. I’ve never completed anything that required this much discipline and self-control. This accomplishment has taught me that most things are possible if you want it badly enough. It’s interesting after completing a program like this how much more attuned I am to people complaining about being out of shape, being too skinny or generally just complaining and not doing anything to improve their situations – they can get it if they really wanted it.

    After these 12 weeks I feel more confident and masculine. All of the eating and exercising really boosts testosterone levels and it seems like everyone around me is picking up on my masculinity. As funny as this may sound I feel more like a man and I’ve got a little more of an edge. At one point during the transformation I was at a concert dancing with this girl and I decided to pick her up and was able to just lift her straight up into the air with ease. It felt so good to have the strength to do that and she just kind of melted after that. It was a great feeling and one I would not have been able to have 12 weeks ago. Additionally, I feel like I get more respect from other men. It almost seems like there’s this club of people in shape and you respect each other for it because you all know what it takes to get that way.

    Two very important lessons I’ve learned from the transformation are the importance of accountability and the importance of having a support group.There were times during the transformation where I just wanted to quit. I was insanely full at all times and would often be on the verge of throwing up from all of the food. My body was constantly sore and I often had to give up hanging out with friends and family in order to keep up with regimen. Had I not had a support group it would have been easy to quit. Knowing that Sterling, Vici, Gary and the rest of the Rockstars were doing the program with me and having to submit pictures, weights, and body fat % really kept me going. Accountability is key. It’s too easy to back out of something or not give it your best if you’re not accountable for the results.

    From now on, whenever I take on any new effort I will definitely keep track of the progress. There were times during the transformation where I felt that I had plateau’ d a bit and then I would look at pictures from a few weeks earlier and I’d be amazed at the difference. It’s hard to give yourself credit when you don’t recognize the progress that you’ve made.

    With Rockstar around the corner, I’m on a high from this accomplishment and the positive energy really comes across in my interactions with everyone. I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Being in a positive mental space, feeling confident and looking great is an amazing way to kick-off Rockstar. So pumped!!!

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    Introductory Post

    Im writing to you here from Australia. A bit about myself to begin with, Iím 22, and had attended a LS bootcamp not too long back. After seeing what a 3 day bootcamp could do, I knew that Project Rockstar was for me. I have worked on my life countless number of hours and am honoured that these hours have paid off in the acceptance in to PR2012.
    At this stage I am not to sure what to expect of the program. I think it is an unbelievable program to offer to anyone and I am privileged to be a part of it now and in the future. I know its going to be intense, challenging, fear facing and somewhat emotionally testing, but I am certain it will be the most rewarding time of my life coming out the other side. I am currently gearing myself into being ready to become my best self.
    What I hope to get from the program? Most importantly I hope to get forever lasting change, I am a little locked up and subdued in certain social situations. I feel a lot of the time I settle for less attractive girls then what I can get with a little more confidence.

    Our training is already underway. It started on the 2nd of April. We were given our instructions on our 12 week transformational fitness and dietry program. We were split into two groups. Gainers and losers. I was in the losers group. I have always had trouble gaining weight and only 2 years ago was very skinny and out of shape. With a huge amount of gym work and numerous stages of eating a lot of food I was able to gain a solid 20 kilograms. A lot of it was also in fat mass, so going into the losing diet, I had some good confidence in being in a pretty ripped shape coming into Rockstar. The first 1-3 weeks was tough. Food was constantly on my mind, I actually had a few dreams about eating. One in particular where I dreamt I ate a burrito, then felt really bad after it only to wake up in the morning realising it was a dream. Although food is always on your mind, after a while you do get used to not eating so much and once you start to see results thatís what you begin to focus on. I am allowed 1 cheat meal a week but so far have had only 4 in 8 weeks.

    Over 6 weeks I had dropped nearly 10kgs, or about 20lbs as we are to keep our stats in. A huge amount of size, weight and fat mass. I was then able to add an extra few calories to my daily intake as long as I stepped up the intensity of my cardio. I was fine with that and am also feeling even better about the exceptional shape I will be in, if not by the beginning of Rockstar, but by the end. And the feedback we all got at the half way mark I think all the other guys will be the same. And I canít wait to be in the environment where all of us guys are as focused as each other.
    We have also had a number of game assignments to complete. Mostly being He Said/She Said exercises, banter themes and IVS notes.

    Everything that Rockstar is about, game, fitness, entrepreneurship, etc, is what I am truly passionate about already in my life. It has been a dream for me to find that ďNavy Seal TeamĒ. This is going to be an amazing few months, I just cannot wait guys!!! Plus most importantly I cannot wait to bang some of the hottest girls of my life. YEW!!

    I know I really connected with last years rockstar blog posts so i will do my best to get as much good stuff in here as i can!

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    12 week Reflection

    So i just arrived in Canada a couple days early, 30+ hours of travelling (had to get a couple detour flights) sucks when you can't sleep on a plane, i think I'm going to have to work on that with the lifestyle we are about to create

    Looking back at these last 12 weeks it has been tough on one hand but so easy on the other. It is easy because I am so focused on doing the best I can for Project Rockstar as I am so grateful for the experience. Just thinking about life after it is driving me even harder than normal. Juggling the 2 cardio sessions a day, gym 3-5 times a week, eating properly was pretty hard at times fitting into your work schedule, home renovations and social life. But once you get used to it and realise how possible it is, then there are no excuses. Yes, sometimes you do look like an idiot going away somewhere for the weekend with 4-5 bags full of your meals, supplements and training gear. The people around you eating anything they want and you there with your chicken and veges, does get tough, but its not impossible to stay on track.

    Why has it been tough? Well beginning with the fitness side of the program. The first 8 or so weeks for me was tough being disciplined enough to not over eat. I was in the weight losing group. I dropped something like +20 pounds in the 8 weeks. Just absolutely shredded, got to the point where I was unhappy because I was getting very small, and losing a lot of strength as well. After going over the results with the instructors I was then moved in to the gaining team. I now eat close to double the amount I was at the beginning of this program. In the first week of gaining I put on 10 pounds, must have been a huge shock to my body. We were also required to not have any alcohol at all during the 12 weeks. I thought it was refreshing. It did make some social gatherings harder though, social peer pressure can be a bitch sometimes but I was pretty dedicated to my end goals so was no problem. Looking back it was well worth it though, I am in great shape, and its only going to keep getting better. A couple of mates from home realised how much i changed my body in such a short time and i have since become somewhat of a mentor for them, giving them programs and diets to follow.

    We have also been completing some game assignments. He said/she said exercises, teases, IVS notes and banter mostly. I really have to push my mind into thinking about these teases. Receiving these assignments and reflecting on them together has been great for team moral and team bonding through email. I can feel the excitement from everyone through emails so it is going to be ridiculous once we are all actually together.

    So my thoughts so far about this pre 12 weeks is that it is definitely essential to try and get everyone on the same page and thinking the same way to help us get to where we want to be as soon as possible. For the first time in 2+ years of working out I have felt that I have been working towards a certain result in the gym by a certain time limit. I feel as if the last 2 years have been somewhat useless due to having no goals, or no real set workout schedule to maximise results. All I was concentrating on was bulking up, which was done completely the wrong way which is why I put on more fat then muscle I guess. Having a set goal and a set time limit, and believing that basically your future depends on achieving that goal, then it makes it a lot easier to commit to it. Thatís one of the broader lessons I have learnt from this 12 weeks so far.

    As it gets closer to the 1st day there are so many different emotions coming up. Mostly excitement, but also a lot of nerves. It is a bit weird knowing that from the beginning of that first day my life will never be the same, I donít really know what to expect at this point. I know it is going to be the most fun, life changing experience of my life. I think it will also be, at times, some of the most painful times of my life too, but the pain is a must to force change. I have worked hard to get where I am. I havenít been afraid to step outside of the norm and be judged by the people around me, so I am taking this opportunity and giving it all I have got. I am so grateful.

    As for after rockstar, well we are all just going to have to wait and find out together. I know its going to be an extraordinary journey and i hope to have a super badass team of guys, the other rockstars, by my side all the way to creating amazing lives for all of us.

    Well, time to catch up on some sleep because its going to be a massive few months......hmm nah f that I'm going to the gym first

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    Rockstar 2012 Intro, Brandon D

    Hey guys, welcome to my Rockstar blog! I'm sitting here writing this as I look forward to what will hopefully be one of the greatest adventures and most influential experiences I've ever had. We're about to travel the world with a group of, from what I can tell, some of the most interesting, social, successful, motivated and adventurous people you could hope to meet. That by itself is a recipe for having a great time. But on top of that we're going to be learning to have the women we've always wanted in our lives, and we'll be doing it in a lot of amazing settings and while partying like Rockstars. That sounds like an unbelievably fantastic time.
    I'm sure you'd like to hear a bit about me to see if you want to follow my blog. So here it is: I'm 6'4Ē, dashingly handsome, more interesting than James Bond, and own a yacht that transforms into a private jet. Just messing with you. Actually I'm 5'8Ē, don't own a yacht or a plane, and the rest is still true. Haha. But to be serious, I'm from Colorado and I'm a mountain guy that loves adventures and just about any type of social interaction. A crazy night club or a bonfire on the beach, it's all great to me. I always played a ton of sports and you could probably call me an adrenaline junky. At the same time, I'm fascinated by just about everything. I love learning how to do new things, psychology really interests me, I can dork out about new scientific findings, and I get excited whenever I learn some little secret bit of knowledge that has a practical use. I love the Jim Carey movie ďYes ManĒ because I'll pretty much say yes to doing anything that sounds like it could turn into a good time. (Minus that one incident in Tijuana...)
    I've always been a social person, but was often too nice to the girls I was interested in to wind up dating them. Most of the girls I dated, I met randomly by going up to them at social events where there was no previous social context. I had some natural talent with girls, but I didn't realize what it was and rarely used it with the women I wanted. My friends have always been pretty social and a decent number of them were good with women, but the concept of sexual tension flew right over my head. I'll mention more of my background with women in future posts.
    I came to Rockstar because I think your dating life is no accident and requires a level of attention just like your professional life. I don't believe in 'getting lucky.' I want to make sure that I have the experiences I want to have with women, I don't want to sit around hoping. I'd like to get three things out of Rockstar Ė First, a great experience that would be a page turner in any book. Second, a group of friends that I can call up whenever I feel like going on an adventure or getting into a cool business venture. Finally, I'd like to be a Rockstar with women. I don't want to be like every other guy that walks by the smokin' hot brunette and thinks ďMan I wishĒ or just stares from across the bar. I want to be able to have great interactions with women wherever I go. And I'd like to spend enough time with quality women that I eventually find one I'd like to keep around.
    That's my little intro speech. So far we've been practicing some game concepts, and we're on a 12 week transformation workout and diet schedule. The diet's a bit of a pain in the ass, as it is very time consuming (I'm working to gain weight, and thus constantly eating. A huge pile of pasta is next to my computer right now). But the results have been good and the program certainly works. We've all been e-mailing back and forth, cracking jokes, giving each other shit for musical tastes, that kind of thing. I've hung out with my fellow Colorado Rockstar participant a couple times. I think we're all getting pretty psyched for the experience. Letting us all loose on a rampage around international cities is bound to be a sight to see...

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    We've reached the end of our 12 week pre-Rockstar training program now. The biggest component of it was definitely the workout and diet program through Krist Gethin's 12 week trainer. I competitively ski raced for a good part of my life, so the style of program wasn't foreign to me. But stuffing my face with 3800 calories of bland food in 6 daily meals is pretty difficult, particularly in terms of the time it takes to make and eat all of that food. It makes it hard to live life for 12 weeks, and even more so when you're dragging a bunch of odd food to friend's houses when you go to hang out. On the other hand, nothing that really impresses people in life comes without dedication – so if you want to show off some guns you better bust your ass!
    We also had a series of game assignments which were effectively targeted at getting us to start naturally incorporating game into our conversations. Or, maybe more accurately, to not have to put game into our conversations. Mostly we were practicing teasing and building sexual tension in a relaxed way, while also talking about ourselves enough to let someone get to know that we're real people and not a pile of lines.
    I struggle most from either getting stuck in teasing mode, or getting stuck in good conversation mode, and rarely combining both sexual tension and solid conversation at the same time. At best I do one and then the other and it goes well, but rarely both at once. So one of my favorite lessons from the 12 weeks leading into Rockstar was to go ahead and have a light hearted, fun, emotional conversation with sexual innuendo, but to occasionally throw in very powerful chunks about your life and your views. A quick piece can go a long way – you might spend a couple minutes on a riff about how important it is to you to have passionate and goal oriented people around you, or how much it means to you to be able to look after the people you are close with in life. Focusing on a real, but unusual and very well stated belief of yours in this fashion can convey a lot about you and really set you apart. Even better, the effect of that can last quite a while in the conversation and change the tone of the interaction. That way you can get back to teasing and having a good time while adding a totally different level to the conversation.
    I haven't had as much time to go out and use what we're working on as I'd like, but I have had a couple chances. When I was in real situations I found that I was doing a better job at mentally tracking whether I had gone too far to one side or the other in terms of balancing real conversation vs. teasing/fun topics. I did my best to put in the powerful chunks of high value views I mentioned above, and the results were pretty good. Generally the girls I was talking to seemed slightly overwhelmed and not quite sure what to say in response to confident expression of life values, in a positive way, but you just roll with it and get back to something more light hearted. A few minutes later they were even more into the conversation than before. Sometimes you have to blow her mind, to paraphrase Steve. Having the confidence that you can bullshit your way through an attractive conversation makes the whole situation feel more comfortable. Having to remember when to throw in routines can be stressful. I do have some good routines I like, but it's nice to only use them if you feel like it. At the same time, it helps to have had certain types of conversations a bunch of times so you can stay on top of a general pattern without having to stop and think much. That should come with a lot of practice. Right now it's just a matter of keeping my mouth moving and having faith that it's okay to have the conversation be normal and not that exciting for a minute as long as on the whole it's a kick ass interaction.
    Overall lessons from the program I have learned are some things that apply to anything and that I've seen with other stuff I've done – like be more determined than the next guy, stick to the process of improving until the end and trust the results will be worth it, and there's frequently no replacement for good mentors and trusting what they say. Some things I didn't know before, like what I mentioned about balancing conversation. Or that frequently just running your mouth is better than having something to say, as long as you eventually bring it back to useful topics. Game's not a matter of perfection, and for myself and probably a lot of you reading this, not worrying about perfectionism is a big part of getting the hell out of your own way and letting your natural traits work for you. At least that's the way I see it after these first 12 weeks. This whole experience is about big changes in point of view, so hopefully I'll have some more big mindset shifts in my next post!

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    Hello guys from Toronto -

    “Each person’s task in life is to become an increasingly better person.” -Leo Tolstoy

    With that thought I come into project rockstar.

    For the past 5 yrs Ive been working as an IT Professional in different roles - Consultant, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Team Lead etc. Most recently I was a Manager for one of the largest technology companies managing teams all over the world. I am in my mid 20s. When I found lovesytems late last year and took a bootcamp, it was to be able to date many women, but eventually I took a hard look at myself and realized I needed to improve other areas of my life as well. I needed to become a “10".

    What I am looking from Rockstar - Looking at it holistically, I am hoping to get a fully liberating experience in various aspects of my life from Project Rockstar. I am on a committed path to self-improvement and have carved my own game plan. I have benefited immensely, and made the most of, other LS programs, but I feel Project Rockstar would be the stride needed to become a “10”. I recognize being ones best self is a lifelong journey. I will try to elaborate my opinion of being a "10" more in my future posts if possible. I would like to have true abundance with the women I want. I want to be fairly consistent with my success rate with the women I want. I want to be able to quickly escalate consistently. Most importantly, I want to truly be the buyer and not the seller.

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