where do you go when broke?
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  1. where do you go when broke?

    How are you guys going out EVERY night or even every week? there is no way i can afford to go to a bar every night... is there something im missing? I want to increase the chances of meeting women ...

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    I usually go out broke, if theres gas in the tank, I go, theres never a shortage of girls in college bars ready to spend daddy's money on someone that draws theyre attraction/attentention

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    Hey man, there on some bars and club is free of entrance (no cover charges). Also you don't have to buy drinks every night

  4. Sarging has absolute zero expense! It's perfect.

    You can easily go to bars every single night if you want and never spend a dime. It's a simple matter of not buying anything! Only don't try to make pals with the bartenders. They will notice you never buy anything, if you talk to them. If you don't talk to them, they will never notice.

    Also you can do day game or street game, any time any where.

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    You don't have to spend money anywhere, all you need is transportation.

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    I go out in the city in some of the most exclusive venues and if I spend more than 20 dollars I wonder why.

    Your only expense should be transportation. That is it.

  7. I go to market near my house .

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    I attract women wherever I see them. The problem I'm having is that going out for dates costs. Good thing for me is that I'm not broke. I am financially doing pretty fine for the moment. It makes game easier but it's not necessary.


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    I usually lock in to my room alone

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