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    Well hello The Attraction Forums!

    I am dealing with a girl I'm kind of dating sort of. We haven't fucked yet. She told me yesterday that we would be fucking today. She said my kissing made her incredibly horny.

    The thing is that she should have come here today. She had some kind of problem with her appartment and she said that was her reason of being late. Now she is kind of 3 hours late from the time I was thinking she could come here. Is this meaning that she isn't interested in me afterall or is she playing hard to get and wants me to call her or something?

    What's up with women being late for meetings?

    Sincerely yours

  2. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarflondoner View Post
    I would fancy a better explanation than laughing out loud.

  4. Bad form to ask game, whilst in the middle of game it self.
    Do what feels right and ask guys what you could've done better.

    Chances are she stood you up cos she would have been updating you on everything at the apartment.

    Anyway i hope you escalated to almost fucking her but she refused and said next time.

    If thats the case, send a text along the lines 'I dont want you to feel like we have to have sex, i do actually enjoy chilling with you'
    After saying she'll fuck you, the reason is she might feel 'obliged' to fuck you, she still wants to have the option of pulling out. Hence you tell her you like spending time with her, which i presume you do.
    The text is a bit afc, but chances are she'll get back to you and reschedule.
    But continue to escalate if/when you see her, and obviously fuck her good.
    Fuck her good and she is yours!!

    Or you could send her 'you still coming or not'

  5. I don't necessarily get the impression he was milking her for compliments.

    Sometimes girls get buyer's remorse. Even if I like a guy, I'd never set a date for first-time sex. It has to come naturally. Also, I would not be that excited to just go to some guy's apartment who I haven't been seeing that long. You can at least meet for a walk in the park or something so she's not actually showing up like a hired hand to your doorstep.

    Not every girl is like this but I'd say a fair number just want to work up to being that candid about sex. There are just too many things you can say that will sound presumptuous or misleading if you haven't actually hooked up yet.

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    Based just on what you wrote, and assuming she's not there right now doing reverse cowgirl and screaming at the top of her lungs, she had second thoughts.

    You might be tempted, if she doesn't show at all, to set another similar date, but I'd switch it up to do something else and break the association with the original plan.
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