Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop – Vancouver, June 2012

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    Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop – Vancouver, June 2012

    This is my second review for Nick Hoss after attending his DGW just this past weekend in Vancouver. Having already worked with Nick at last year’s SuperConference, I knew he was the instructor I wanted to learn from in reaching my next level.

    Background: I am an early 30’s Asian who got into LS about 15 months ago primarily focusing on NG. I have dated both Asians and Caucasians but my preference has always been with the beautiful white girls. After working with Nick at the Super Conference and witnessing firsthand how he pulled a tall Caucasian blonde from a Las Vegas nightclub (and almost getting kicked out for a bathroom pull!) , I was convinced that this is guy who I needed to work with. I mean if you like tall beautiful white girls, who else better to learn from than a guy who consistently pulls playboy models, bartenders, and waitresses?

    DGW Lessons: Nick’s DG workshop does not only focus on just DG but also covers pretty much everything else that LS teaches. He breaks down Inner Game, Approach, Attraction, Qualification and Comfort, Phone/Text, Seduction, Social Circle, and LMR. For me, his lessons on Qualification and Comfort were the most important because it identified my sticking points. I discovered that I could read all about the theory and technique but it only becomes ingrained when you practice it and get direct feedback. The exercises that Nick made us do for conversation mapping and storytelling during the seminar was extremely helpful in preparing the students to go in-field. He provides instant feedback with each of the student’s unique quality and personality. He also throws in snipets of real experiences from himself and previous students that is very inspirational and sometimes hilarious.

    Result: The best DG approach during the weekend happened just outside the seminar building. Leonhart (AC) signaled me to approach a cute brunette wearing big sun-glasses and a long summer dress. With a few other students watching and some hesitation, I just started moving my feet towards her to catch up. As I ran up beside her, I just kept thinking about what Nick said, “Don’t think too far ahead but rather focus on the ABCs.” With that mindset, I approached, stopped her, and delivered the opener. I was feeling anxious but kept my cool with the guys watching. The girl beamed smiling and gave me props for being having the guts to approach her. She regretfully informed that she was already dating someone but still gave me her number. This was a breakthrough in my comfort zone with girls that have boyfriends.

    Don’t miss an opportunity to work with Nick. He is up-to-date with knowledge and experience in all facets of dating. Most importantly, he is a super chill and cool guy that you can relate with. He works with you regardless of any skill level you are at. After this workshop, I consider Nick not only as a teacher, mentor, coach, but also a friend.


    PS- Big shout out to Leonhart who shattered our realities by pushing us consistently to approach hotter and hotter women. You are an Asian pimp!

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    This is my second DGW. My first was with Soul in San Fran last year. I took this one because I had many questions, as well as I needed to know what I did well and what needed fixing.

    First off the bat, I ended up taking 3x the notes i did the first time around. A break done of everything from opening to closing. Nick has his own teaching and gaming style which he went through in dept. The format has changed a bit but it was very informative. We also did some exercises to practice the techniques given. This program was a marathon! Nick was awesome for answering all questions and giving examples when needed. With all the theory I now have alot of comprehensive information to fall back on.

    Infield: Nick performed some demo approaches just to get the ball rolling. We split up into groups and off we went. Every question I had Nick answered for me in great detail. I only did 12 approaches in the field this time because of all the info I was taking as well as the lengths of my sets opposed to when I had just started out. I found out I was doing better overall then I expected with the few things I needed to tweak as I went along.

    Leonhart also helped out in the field. He was very supportive and enthusiastic to help out after each set. He demoed when asked and help push the comfort zone. Between the 2, great team to have out there! These guys really know their stuff and am passionate about helping you overcome your challenges.

    Stunman: I was there when he did that approach, all I have to say is nicely done!

  3. Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop – Vancouver, June 2012

    This is my first review for Nick Hoss after attending his DGW just this past weekend in Vancouver ...

    I was not new to Day Game.I had read Jeremy's daytime dating ebook and have been trying it for about 8 or 9 months ... but i knew i had several sticking points that only an instructor could fix ... So, I decided to attend DGW in Vancouver ...
    The first day seminar was about inner game ...
    There was this one sentence from Nick about "Limiting Beliefs" that resonated with me so well that i will try never to forget ...
    He said that as an answer to my limiting belief about my accent and after that i was like problem solved!
    For the second day we hit the streets of Downtown Vancouver ...
    because of my previous experiences,I had no approach anxiety so right off the bat i gave my stuff to nick and told him to watch me in action ...
    I went up to this blond German girl who i saw crossing the street and told her that she looked absolutely beautiful ... It was on! so i talked to her for about 5 minutes and got the number ...
    Then i came back to nick and asked him about my performance ... he showed a picture of mine in that set and mentioned some of my Body Language problems ...
    I got 3 solid numbers that day out of 15 approaches and approach after approach,Nick mentioned things especially tailored to me to have higher success ...
    The second day seminar was the main reason i attend this workshop ... Story telling and Talking on an emotional level ... This was one of my major sticking points and Nick explained it in details for 4 hours ... He is definitely one of the best lecturers i have ever had in my life ... These stuffs are so engrained in him that he can easily paint a vivid picture of them in your mind ...
    As for the third day, we started with infield again ... I was a little tired that day so i approached only 5 girls and i was able to get 2 numbers ... approach after approach, Nick once again broke them down in details and mentioned my mistakes ... He told me that i am a good conversationalist and i just need to add a little edge to my game ...
    On this day we saw impressive demo's from him ... I even asked him to come wing me for a 2-set ... it was very fun to have him on my side ... i really felt the strength ...
    Another great quote from Nick that i learnt that day was:
    He said it while observing me being reluctant to change my nice guy attitude ...

    The third day seminar was mostly about everything you need after getting the phone number ... His talks about Text game and social circle mastery was really a break through for me ...

    Overall, i have to say that it was one of the greatest weekends i have ever had in Canada ...
    Nick was really the kind of friend or brother that i have always wanted to have ...
    He was more than just an instructor or a mentor ... Like a real friend,he was putting all the efforts to make you improve not just in pick up but in other aspects of your life,s well ...


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    It is easy to forget about years of old habits and conditioning when Nick Hoss is by your side.

    This past weekend I found myself approaching woman naturally and easily on the crowded streets of Vancouver as talented instructors Nick and LeonHeart pointed with precision those small things that I was messing up.

    If you find training with Nick helps you to clear old pervasive habits as you practise in the real world the skills you need.. to succeed.With women, then you owe to yourself to Book the Next Bootcamp and just Go for it. Now, with that out of the way, it is worth to Invest in yourself and Walk trough life feeling like a Man, is it not?

    Vancouver, B.C.

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    Thanks for the kind words guys! I really had a blast in Vancouver. Keep in touch and let me know if you ever need anything
    [FONT=arial black]Former #1 Instructor, now retired from infield instruction.[/FONT]

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