restraunt # close + pics + money/fail text convo

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  1. restraunt # close + pics + money/fail text convo

    Went out to eat with family. See group of 3 girls that are eating at a table in front of us. I wait till they leave so i can catch them outside and not mack in front of family.

    They get up to walk out i follow. I catch them at the door and something crazy happens.... before i can say a word my target says "hey will you take a picture with me"

    Me: Yea i will. I was actually on my way to tell you, you look extremely cute, hi im (name)

    i go outside get people entering restaurant to take picture. She hands me her phone so i can text the photo to myself... maybe you'd call this an indirect # close????

    I talk with group for a bit (guessing 5-6 minutes). do a little qualification and run some comfort. they head out and say
    "We're on facebook"

    Friend of my target ends up texting me saying "hey this is (name), What is your last name? We all wanna know"

    so i text both girls this

    Me: I have volleyball practice Sunday. Come and find out

    These girls told me they played volleyball

    Target: Whoa killer. I was just going to add you on facebook

    Me: Dont just give me facebook out to anyone. (I dont even have facebook lol) You could be a stalker that just wants to get in my pants

    Target: oh whoa.... Not even close.

    Me:Not taking any chances after the last one

    Target: Uh huh? Bye

    Me: Peace

    Lol i was laughing my ass off this whole text exchange. Purely for self amusement.

    Friends response was: Lol i got church

    Uploaded with

    Targets on my left, friend is on my right. Picture comes down in 2 days

    LOL i guess i needed more comfort. I wouldnt be too surprised if my target ended up texting me in a couple days. In the immortal words of Jayz "On to the next one"

    The friend texting me an ioi mabe???

    Open to comments, constructive criticism, or questions

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    You should've just been normal. You were being to bantery/trying to be cool I guess. It's kind of like when your gaming a girl and throw her some material and she isn't reacting the way you expected her too. I guess the bantery/cocky shit wasn't congruent with your frame so she seen it as a DLV. You know what I mean?

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