POF Profile...thoughts?

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    The pictures are decent. Good job on that. The headlines on the pics need to be changed though.... Great mask picture. Your caption makes it less funny though. Try something like "I'm obviously on the left"

    About me" needs work as well. I found myself bored and the jokes while you have a good idea, weren't that funny. A lot of women won't pick up that they're even jokes.

    After reading what I wrote above, I feel I'm being harsh. I don't mean to knock your profile at all. I just wanted to help.

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    Not harsh at all...thanks

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    I viewed you from my profile so check mine out and get some tips from it if you'd like

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    I like the pics. I would suggest changing your main pic to the one of you skiing. I'm not sure about the lime in the coconut headline. Be careful with the 2nd paragraph. It might turn off christian girls.

    I'll message you on POF. I have some suggestions for BJJ stuff in your profile since I practice it too.

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    Deleted old profile. Here is the updated one:


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