Newbie Text Game Fail: Critique and Recovery?
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  1. Newbie Text Game Fail: Critique and Recovery?

    So I have been messaging for a week or so with this girl on OKCupid and ask for her number so I can call to set up a date this week.

    She writes me back at 9:15 p.m. Sunday and I text her around 10:30 p.m.:

    Me: Hey, it's ****. Don't want to possibly interrupt your beauty sleep, but what's your schedule looking like in the next week.

    (10 mins later) Her: Hey! You're not. Things look pretty open except for Monday, when I've got something going on.

    (15 mins later) Me: Ok. Next question. Choose one: 1) wine, 2) beer, 3) girly...err fancy cocktails, 4) bourbon/scotch.

    (20 mins later) Her: I feel like this is a personality test, but I guess wine?

    (18 mins later) Me: Nope, not a personality test, just trying to figure out where I should take the newbie Floridian who doesn't know the town . [then I write a time and place]?

    Her: (no response)

    It's been 12 hours, and she will probably not write back. So obviously my recovery attempt did not succeed, and I'm looking for some critique.

    I think these were my errors:

    1) I should not have texted her an hour after she wrote me. Didn't mirror.

    2) I should have called her since I had originally asked to call, not to text.

    3) I should have been more decisive and just named a place and time instead of slowly asking for more information. This was a major DLV.

    4) I could have been funnier or more creative in my recovery attempt?

    Any advice is appreciated. This is my first post. Thanks guys.

  2. I have this friend (a girl) who absolutely hates being asked out by text for the first time. I think she is weird and looking for reasons to dq guys but it could be that.

    BUT...she also didn't say no. She said she was open, you named a time & place while her lack of response is not encouraging could she just have used an assumed yes? Probably not but who knows. It would be pretty bold to assume that's the case then the day of (if you haven't heard from her) send a text moving the time up or back by 30 minutes

    I don't really think you made any mistakes honestly. If anything it would have been during the attraction phase and not these texts.

    Keep in mind girls just suck sometimes

  3. reads like too much teasing, possibly came off as smarmy. asking her what her week looked like was a good move. i also like that you put things that harken back to your initial interaction.

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