What do you say when you meet up with old friends?
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  1. What do you say when you meet up with old friends?

    hey guys, its summer break and I'm bumping into alot of my old friend who are back from school.

    However, whenever I do it just seems kind of awkward and forced.

    This is sort of what happens.

    I would be high energy.

    Me: "Hey, how've you been!"
    Friend: good u
    Me: good.

    Then the convo kind of stops. -_- Right now, I don't know a good way to transition into a normal conversation. And when I do, it still seems kind of surface and shallow.

    Has anyone ever found themselves in this situation? Whats a good way to spark the conversation in this situation?


    ps. this doesn't just apply to old school friends, but old friends in general. What do you do when you bump into them to strike great attractive conversation? Especially with the lady friends.

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    Maybe you need more time talking to people generally in a social setting. Talk to everyone you see and it'll start to come naturally when you pick up on patterns and phrases to use. If they are good friends you should have no problem being happy and friendly with them

  3. talk about things that are going on around you, that's a good way to reinitiate rapport, as people that have known each other for a long time tend to talk about things that are happening in their environment

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