The pua batting average frame

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    The pua batting average frame

    hey dude im a little troll and im living in my cave ,im the warcraft master,i dont like to talk,these girls are stupid,i dnt want to talk,i hate women,i just want to fook there little pussssssys!i hate my life i hate women,if i got to talk to women im going to learn the dark method man!i came on the phorum ,to learn the method man!but i hate women ,and dont want to talk,i want to fook a pusssy,line them up and use then as my cum resepticle,with my little troll wizard man!aproaching sucks!i dnt want to talk i just want to put my little dick in a hole and pummp away,i yayaya so give me the method man!i hate my life,i hate women,i just wnt to fook ,because im the troll master and im gonna learn the dark method man!because when the semen builds up in my nuts,im gonna come out off my cave put it in a hole and yayaya,i dont like to talk,i just want to fook pussssy!no talk,i want to know the truth and the method how many girls do i have to aproach before i ,fook pussy?because ill go and play with my r,p,g because im the dark warlord master,and i hate to aproach,and talk,no no no i hate talk,if i have to aprouch ill stay in my cave because im the orc lord,i want pussssy but i hate to aproach ,i want a girlfriend with no talk!if i have to talk,im gonna learn the dark method,because im a dark man.
    but sir i think your coming from a frame that socialising isnt fun!

    apaulagise for some off the language on my post!
    a self amusing way off asking the guestion should just anybody learn the principles,methods in the community????

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    Cool story, bro.
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    thanks man there is some method in iits madness!

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    Honestly have no idea what you are trying to do here?

    I dont know anyone who has ever posted anything like that on this forum... ever

    I also dont understand how this belongs in the social circle game subforum.

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