State is Everything!
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    State is Everything!

    Just got back from the field here in Vegas. The whole day I have just been off, I can not describe it, nor come up with the reason why. Was extremely unproductive at work, almost fell asleep driving home. So my wing gets us into Ghost Bar at the Palms, its cool, I still just feel off, not bad, just off. I try and open a set, but don't really feel like trying, its like im doing it just to do it. He ends up getting locked into these 2set of HB5's (I am still not sure why, he is weird and will game odd sets sometimes, and sincerely enjoys it, who am I to judge). I go along with it, they talk about how they know the promoter at Surrender Club in Wynn, so we go there. I break off since they are annoying me, and start going direct just to dick around, once again i'm not in state, and for some reason gain no social momentum. Sets fade off, lose interest fast, the only thing that kept them their at first is my lack of AA I assume.

    So this is pretty much a rant/self reflection. But state is everything, I still had a good time, do not regret going out. But I can tell a massive difference in my results since I am in this funk. Weird shit.

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    I agree, when not in state I just can't be arsed to do anything and when in the mood to I'm opening like a madman, just do things to get yourself in the right state, play your favorite music before going out go to bars/clubs you enjoy going to and go out with wings/people you enjoy spending time with and remember to get in those early sets.
    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

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