Am I on right track?

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  1. Am I on right track?

    Ever since I started learning to be a better person, building up a new attractive personality, after almost an year of work, I asked a woman who is attracted to me, chatting with her today I asked her that what is it about me?

    This is what she said -

    u know i cant say good things about people on their faces
    but i should say any girl will be lucky
    to have you
    u r not like others
    i havent seen too many men in my life
    but whatever....u r different
    u talk dirty but u r not lecherous
    u ignore but u dont insult
    u compliment but never let it go up into the head
    u r nice but never show that
    u never seek attention
    which is very rare among guys
    u know u look good but dont directly flaunt it...u play subtle

    Am I on right track? I am way behind on lot of skills I need to improve, especially social dynamics and being easy with people. Any input is appreciated.

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    Sounds like you are mate. Good work. All good traits to have.

  3. Everything is good except the fact you asked her. Now you have, let it go.

    YOU should know your strengths and not require explicit feedback from people attracted to you.

    Well done, though

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