Relationship status!! Help. NOW. Please :)
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  1. Relationship status!! Help. NOW. Please :)

    Hey guys! So here's the situation: my gf and I just broke up because she gave me the excuse that she needed a break. We dated for a year and just on Monday we broke up. I told her it was okay and it wasn't a nasty break up. I know she's gonna come back because... Come on... :P anyway, I was wondering if I should change my relationship status on fb or let her change it? And if I have to do it, when should I?

    Thanks in advance to you guys! You are awesome!

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    Let her... If you want her back, changing it could push her away... But if she changes it first, and doesn't come back for a while, you can flip it on her with "you let me go, why should I take you back".

    On the other hand, who says they need a break without having someone in mind to take a break with? Fuck it. She left. Change it. Make her realize that you are not affected by it. The sad truth is the ones that care the least are the ones with the power.

    Sorry. This kinda hit home and makes me think lol.

    I am here:

  3. Thanks for showing both sides man. I would be tempted to change it myself but I've been laying low on social networks. Just looking from the outside. She has been posting emo pictures on instagram and she posted one of a flower I gave her saying "you will always be in my heart even though we're apart" and stuff like that on twitter too. But it's like "Bitch, if you wanted this, why are you being all emo??" I might just wait it out and see...

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    You dont have to change it... You should block her on facebook. Go no contact.

    You dont need to speak to her anymore. Your relationship is over and you should move on. Looking at her attention seeking pictures of fucking flowers and shit... That doesnt help you move past her. She is just seeking attention and validation because she isnt getting it from you anymore.

    Delete her messages, numbers, emails, texts, delete her from facebook, twitter, myspace whatever other shit you have. Just remove her from your life completely and begin the grieving process. Take some time to yourself, and work on what you neglected when you where together. Old friends, working out, family, hobbies whatever it is.

    Keep busy so you dont just sit there and pine over her.

    If she messages you, dont respond. If she calls you, ignore them. Why would you want to be with someone who doesnt want to be with you?

    Good you didnt have a nasty break up. There is no point in ranting and raving and thowing a trantrum. It doesnt serve anyones purpose.

    Just come to terms with your relationship being over. If you get back together, you will just break up again and the relationship will most likely turn toxic and it will not end on good terms.

    Go out, start sarging other woman and work on your game.

    Do not contact her. If you contact her it will just push her away even more. You will appear needy and annoying. No contact means absolutely no contact. If you have her shit, just go drop it off at her house, in a box, and leave it there... There is no reason to actually meet up with her to do the big exchange... This is just so people can get some closure or whatever. Which is not needed and will just lead to more questions than answers.

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