Unwanted advice

Would like to leave a feedback on my experience with this forum.

There was a post about the dangers of becoming "Weird" when you start working on improving yourself on another website.

I don't know if I am allowed to post links to other websites, but I'm going to post them because they convey my point.

Please remove it, if it is indeed not allowed.


I find that many people on this forum have arrogant attitude due to the fact that some of them may have had several successes in the field.

They permit themselves to claim responsibility over the lives of others and give a lot of potentially damaging advice.

I have contacted one of the moderators about this issue and she advised me to make a thread on this subject.

While I do appreciate people being honest with me and giving me advice I disagree with, I do not appreciate unwanted advice.

The examples of this behaviour can be found in the following threads:

(http://www.theattractionforums.com/n...ife-style.html) - This person asked for advice on finding job that would allow him to focus entirely on developing himself socially. He was told that it was a horrible idea and he will regret it later by the people who don't seem to have any credibility or experience of building their work around social life whatsoever.

Another post was made by me when I noticed that another member was going through a period of slight depression, I decided to share my story to show that he is not alone who struggles with these things...

I clearly stated that it was the reason why I posted my thread, yet I was assaulted with members who have no idea what I'm going through telling me how to live my life and why I am wrong for wanting to focus on certain areas of self-development.

I believe this behaviour borders on unacceptable and while I do not wish for anyone to get banned or warned in any way... I think that something can be done to make members aware about this issue in a more subtle manner.

Regardless, my purpose was to make the moderators aware of this issue, as it makes being on this forum quite unpleasant.

Thank you for your time.