Facebook game, just for fun

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  1. Facebook game, just for fun

    Put up a status on FB and a girl commented, thought I'd have a little fun with it, I didn't take it too far because I have a girlfriend. Check it out

    STATUS: Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won’t expect it back.

    Girl: The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.

    Girl: ‎(Not mine..forget where I heard it)

    Stokes: Can I borrow $600

    Girl: Got change for a $1,000?

    Stokes: I do but since you already brought a $1000 bill, I'll just take that off your hands. Dont worry, I'll pay u back

    Girl: Since they stopped issuing that note somewhere in the late 60's, know yaself out. :P

    Stokes: I'll make you a deal, give me $1000, I'll use $600 to fly to Europe and use the rest of the $400 to get you s really nice space helmer, I got connections with NASA

    Girl: A space helmet? lol

    Stokes: At NASA they call it a hemer, that way they dont get their helmets mixed with the Jahovah's witnesses helmets. You'd be surprised how many JW helmets are laying around at NASA

    Girl: Considering I got invaded last week by Mormon Missionaries, I'm inclined to believe you. (Although I was always under the assumption the helmets blocked mind control techniques) O:-)

    Stokes: Well they do, that's why Mormons can't be convinced of anything outside,of their own thinking. But instead of me buying u a helmet for $400, I'll get u a Tin foil hat, works perfectly against mind control techniques
    about an hour ago via mobile · Like

    Girl: Add streamers to it and you have a deal, sir. (But what to do with the leftover 400?)

    Stokes: Spend it on expensive European food and maybe a cool helmet for myself
    about an hour ago via mobile · Like

    Girl: You do realize that we've made like 80 trillion facebook posts on your page right? And I'm pretty sure that everyone will draw the conclusion we're a few fries short of a happy meal.

    Stokes: As long as I have my helmet I'm okay

    Girl: Grab a glue gun and some sequins, and we'll give it some swag!

    Stokes: U bring the materials, I'll being the swag

    Girl: I was actually thinking of the reverse.


    Girl: Not really sure who the hell you are, but you're batshit hilarious.

    Stokes: Lol thanks, I try

    Girl: It's rare to see an uber hot guy that actually has a decent sense of humor. Kudos

    Girl: I just realized that sounded sleazy...I really meant it in a nice way Sometimes I screw up that filter between my brain and mouth(or fingers).

    Stokes: Lol don't worry, I took it as a compliment

    And I didn't say anything after that

  2. Now she just said

    Girl: Yer supposed to tell me I'm hot back. that's how compliments work. even if u dont mean it

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Stokes View Post
    Now she just said

    Girl: Yer supposed to tell me I'm hot back. that's how compliments work. even if u dont mean it
    Answer: Well you've left me option-less, if i tell you your hot you'll think i don't mean it and if i say nothing then thats just rude.. (Insert something of your own to continue the convo... I cant think right now)

    Be careful, i know this is just some fun chatter but I'm sure your girlfriend would have something to say if she saw these messages?!


  4. Actually I told my girl about it, she said " well just tell her what she wants to hear" haha

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