question re: Kino escalating at beginning but still seeming indirect

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  1. question re: Kino escalating at beginning but still seeming indirect

    Hi gents!

    I have been doing Direct game now for almost a year and while it has resulted in maybe 5 lays or so, in a year that's pretty shtty, and those lays worked exactly like Savoy said in MB, that is, they were all approaches of girls during the daytime by themselves who were 8's or 7's.

    I've decided to really take the game seriously and use the power of indirect. But my question is this!

    With Direct when I would meet a girl, within the first 30 seconds I would shake hands (kino escalation / friendly touching), and that would begin the physical progression. With indirect game, when you are throwing disqualifiers / negs, and not letting them know you are interested in them until the qualification stage, how do you initiate friendly touching from the beginning (i.e. the opener)?

    I'm assuming you would not shake hands because this usually involves name exchanges, which are IOI's. The only way I can think of is to start running palm reads and so forth from the beginning, but I was wondering if you guys knew of a better way, also if there is a 2 set or 3 set, I will need to initiate social touch from the beginning with all of them, no?

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    1) Touching in a day game set doesn't matter. That's night game stuff. (It does on the ensuing date though, which is when you'll use all the stuff you've been practicing from Magic Bullets.)

    2) Indirect day game in fine during the day, but not on moving sets. It will be weird to stop a girl indirect with an opinion opener about something totally random if she is moving.

    3) Do not disqualify during the daytime when going direct. It defeats the purpose and momentum of a direct opener. (Why would you tell her you had to come talk to her and then say you're not really a good match for her? You know.) You have so little time during the day, I'd be light on disqualifying on an indirect opener too, but it serves it's purpose at times.

    4) We're wayyyy past the days of palm reading. I recommend you look at the free chapters of Daytime Dating by Jeremy Soul. It will clear up all the questions you have above, especially since you've been working hard on this stuff.

  3. Dear Nick,

    I really appreciate your input.

    However, I apologize but I should have posited my question better as I left some ambiguities.

    I am wondering with regards to night game how to initiate touch in the beginning of a set while still seeming indirect. I figure hand shaking is too formal and indicates too much interest.

    Also, I forgot to ask,

    At night if I open a set with a screening opener, I'm assuming I would only open the target with the screening opener, and that is a form of direct, and in that case I would not disqualify, correct?

    Thanks again,


    P.S. You guys at love systems are fkin awesome, I ran solid MB 4 years ago and landed a HB 9 GF who I was with for 3 years. But being in such a long relationship, I let my skills drop like crazy, but I'm getting back in the SH@#.

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    No prob dude.

    Always start by touching on the shoulder. You can do a high-5 next. Those are two simple ones to get you going. You start touching after she is "hooked" into the conversation (i.e. willfully participating and responding).

    Yes, a screening opener is direct. It's kind of like jumping to qualification, which is showing your interest in her. Generally speaking, once you're into that qualification phase, she is showing you that she is somebody you should date and you are showing that you like her for reasons X,Y,Z. Once you've shown her you like her there is really not much point in disqualifying. Before then, if going more indirect, however--attraction--disqualification is cool. (It won't kill you in qualification. Minor details at the end of the day.)

    Keep us updated on your progress!

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