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    I just finished up my first year of college and i'm tryin to get back into the game with the girls back in my hometown that i went to highschool with. Im already friends with most all the attractive girls back home, whats the best way i can reconnect and get something going? Obviously i can invite them them to parties, any other ideas?

  2. something to add as well, the biggest complication I have with this is the fact that I'm not seeing these girls everyday at school anymore, so everything pretty much has to be initiated through texting unless I get lucky and run into them

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    Plan events such as bbqs, pool parties, concerts ,lunches, and other sorts of get togethers. Invite all your old friends, invite the girls you know from hs-It's all about social circle game, it's all about inviting them to THE GOOD LIFE like Kanye said.

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    I had this same type of problem when I got back from college. I was dealing with a break-up still, but I needed to get some numbers and reconnect with old fuck-buddies. When you first get back home, pick out some girls that you've already gotten with before (at least made out with) or had sex with, and start text gaming them. A call here and there would actually help, too, so long as you know how to run pretty solid phone game.

    When you text with them, keep it pretty flirty, but spontaneous too. All of my friends are naturals, including myself, but I've also incorporated textbook game into the types of "routines" I do. Believe it or not, all you need to do is go to the beach (the whole day, even if you don't have a house) and just get some sun, go on the boardwalk, and meet some new people by projecting happiness and contentness in your words and gestures. If you live near the shore, or beach, or where ever you go, you'll probably know some local girls that head down to the same city as you. This especially works well if you already know someone that has a house down the shore, this way you can have a place to head back to after for some beers or hang out with Mary Jane .

    Start sending text messages out to all the hot single girls you know:

    "Hey! I'll be down in OC for the next couple days with a few friends, let's do something spontaneous!"

    (you can add a , but only if you've built some boudaries with where you both stand in regard to getting with one another)

    This works well at home, too. Tell your girls (that are just friends) to introduce you to some new people, because you're "getting tired of the same old routine". Make it seem like it just happened, without any effort or idea of it happening on your part. Women are always up for being young and free, so make sure you have a wide array of options to choose from (abundance) in women, so you don't get caught up with a girl that you simply settled for.

    Oh, and you can even head to your local bookstore, mall, grocery shop, where ever. I got a girl's number at Barnes & Noble when I wasn't even trying too, I was looking for books on self-improvement and deeper understanding of one's self. Funny how things work out sometimes, right?

    Start small, and build your circles up. Once you have a decent amount of women to choose from, you can use pre-selection, value and inner beliefs to create an inner game stronger than what you would've ever expected. For example, I'm getting with 3 girls right now. Fucking 1, and working my game on a model and this other girl that's down the shore right now. Well, shore girl is at my friend's senior house this very second, and I'm not worried of her getting with other guys because, while I was down there just a couple days ago, I got with a couple girls from the house below my friends' place. When you have abundance, you're not worried about ANYTHING. Because there's ALWAYS gonna be another girl you can talk too, game or have sex with. You just need to improve yourself to the point of ridiculousness, as in, every girl you come into contact with has an almost unexplainable feeling of attraction to you, even when you're not trying to get her attention.

    This, my friend, is called inner game mastery .

    Keep us updated.

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