Nick Hoss Mini Seminar - Denver, June 2012
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    Nick Hoss Mini Seminar - Denver, June 2012

    Even though I have been to a Love Systems program before, this was still totally worth it. The great thing about these mini-seminars is that if you are one of those people who is on the fence, asking yourself or others "is this worth x amount of money?" which, lets be honest, we all are, then you need to hit up a mini seminar near you.

    Although it's a short period of time, there is enough information gone over to know that it's the real deal, and it's at a very affordable price. Nick went over Day Game and Dates -- two areas which I have less experience in so this was useful for me, plus an open floor Q&A about ANYTHING you want to ask at the end. Nick was a great presenter and you could tell he knew his stuff, plus he kept the atmosphere very inviting by leaving the stage open to any questions and by sharing stories of his own personal repertoire. "Don't look at me like that!" day game story was awesome.

    Nick worked closely with Soul, possibly the master of Day Game, so he definitely knows what he is talking about when discussing all the Day Game elements and how it is different from Night Game. Things I didn't know were went over and explained how and why they are more/less important.

    He is also coming out with a Dates book, which will become useful if you take action in this area. I am at the point where I get numbers on a regular basis and now go out with women, but have to start over at point 1 again with dates. Sure, I can get women attracted, etc, but now when I take them out it's like I was starting from square one because my dates are so-so. The information he goes over is super useful and comes from personal experience.

    If it's in your area, or even if you have to take a drive to somewhere relatively close, go to a seminar! It will get you motivated to go out and learn, instead of sitting on the computer reading magic bullets 20 times a day. Plus, possibly the most beneficial thing, is you'll find other people who live near you to go out with and keep you motivated through the highs and lows. Make it a point to exchange contact information with the people in your seminar! I look forward to going out with the people I met at mine.

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    I wanted to go to his mini seminar when it was supposed to be in December of last year, but I was out of town. When I heard he was coming back it was definitely something I had to check out. Initially I thought... How much can someone really learn in 3 hours? I have read a lot of material, and listened to a lot of interview series, but for the price I couldn't pass it up, and I am glad I didn't. The Q&A really is golden. He plans out an incredible amount of fantastic material, and then leaves time for you ask anything you want. That's where I got the most out of it.

    His dates section was great, he shows the different types and the level of investment the girl has to have to go on each one, in addition to the frames they are setting for the rest of the relationship. Just as jiGsawyouth said, the ability to meet up with other guys who want to make this happen is invaluable. Finding guys on the forum is way harder, but after you meet face to face, the game changes. Do yourself a favor and go check it out.

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    Nick Hoss Mini Seminar - Denver, June 2012

    Nick Hoss is the 2nd real PUA I've ever met, and the first I would really want to hang out with more.

    I attended Nick's mini seminar last week with the intent to reignite my game and polish up my skill set. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned and how many notes I took during the 3 hour program.

    I've always felt like 'day game' and 'direct game' were 2 of the biggest obstacles for me to master. Nick's seminar was just what I needed. I learned a great and simple method for approaching, opening, and transitioning the beautiful girls I see nearly every day.

    I can't say I'm a master yet, but that's the point. Nick shared his story and his method for working up the confidence and technique to approach with greater and greater likelihood for success.

    I'm not just blabbing because Nick is a nice guy. I actually used his technique two nights later - and in a matter of minutes I opened 2 blondes on one side of the street, then 2 more on the other side of the street, and then a girl who was competing in the Miss Colorado pageant.

    It was a total rush getting out of my comfort zone and opening these girls. I can't wait to go out during the day this weekend and do even better.
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