Confused about high energy and body language
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    Confused about high energy and body language

    One thing that I keep reading is keep your movements slow and move with purpose. Cajun talked about moving like your underwater and having rockstyle style body language. This part I get and I really move slow, even blink slow and I'm very non reactive to things. I model what I do after Cajuns style of body language, I don't smile a lot, I give a slight grin, don't laugh at most of my own jokes etc.. But I keep hearing about being high energy. How can you be smooth, non reactive, moving slowly type guy and be high energy. I mean James bond is not high energy so why would I be right?
    Pua's like Sasha are super high energy and it works for him but it's not my thing..
    So my question is how can you be high energy yet maintain the mysterious type of persona? When I see high energy guys at the bar I usually find them to be douchey drunk frat guys. I'm quite, slow moving, non reactive and try to be charming but is it possible to be both? I don't get it...

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    Watch some Video's of Cajun in field.

    He doesnt fling his arms around everywhere like he is on fire, but he moves well, and uses his voice to command the attention of others around him.

    High energy means you are fun and exciting, and keeping everyone interested... It doesnt mean you have to be physically exhurting energy. Just that you are not dull, and boring.

    Exciting may be a better word than energy.

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    Yeah I've watched Cajuns infield videos, I guess what I really wanna know is it ok to switch from being a low energy relaxed type guy to all the sudden being loud and dancing type guy in the same night? I feel if I went from being very non reactive and sexual with a girl during comfort then she sees me dancing on a table yelling it would make me seem fake you know?
    I'm asking cause my style/personality is being very low energy, I don't dance much, but Im starting to think I need to change it up cause girls either see it as sexy and mysterious or they find it boring..

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