The PUA Life and Times of latino_heat
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  1. The PUA Life and Times of latino_heat

    Well I've finally decided to start posting on these forums after alot of reading and self encouragement to track my status as a beginning PUA. I'm still in the beginning of Magic Bullets so my vocabulary isn't going to be up to date yet but I'll finish the book eventually.

    A little about me, I am 20, latino, and my username is correct; I bare a striking resemblence to the wrestler. Ironically, I'm a big fan of Eddie Guerrero and used to watch him back then when I was into the WWF/WWE I also have a sense of humor a kin to his which I use extensively when I'm talking to anyone.

    I have absolutely no AA whatsoever at least in my opinion. I've got no problems going up to a pretty lady and asking her a question or stating something. The big problem with me is keeping a conversation with a one and moving on from the initial getting to know phase. (qualification?)

    I'm kind of in a hurry since I'm going to go see an HB7 tonight at a club. I'll update when I come back with the details of what happens tonight.

  2. Ok I haven't had time to post what happened since I started the thread so let me get you guys caught up.

    On Tuesday an HB7 that I know by association through my friend contacted me and asked if we could go out to the club. Long story short, me and my friend went to a latin foam party and she invited her. Apparently, HB7 "liked the way I dance." Now on the way to the foam party, I got a bit rough with my driving and had the poor girl in the back seat tossing and turning because she didn't put her seat belt on. She gave me sort of an ioi(?) by recalling it and saying, "nd ayy u can practice taking it slow hahaha " (latin girls have the worst text talk)

    Usually I'm not the one to be asked out on a date, but I had nothing to do on Saturday so I didn't give a shit and agreed So the day arrives. I go to pick her up... and she totally ditches me. I'm not one to get mad easily so I did what every other guy would of done in my situation; call up her friend, HB Dancer because we're dance buddies. And that's exactly what I did. I went to go pick her up, and had a great time. I'm not that attracted to HB Dancer but at times I do escalate it a bit on the dance floor when the reggaeton comes on just to see if she accepts it. Sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't. It doesn't really matter to me though since I'm enjoying myself either way.

    All and all, I can't blame myself at all for what happened with HB7 and don't consider accepting the date offer a fail either. I might of lost a bit of alpha-ness by doing it though. I honestly don't know. I've stopped talking to her all together since then. She can contact me anytime she wants but I'm not a begger. There are more... alot more girls out there. As for HB Dancer, she's pretty much my fallback girl anytime I want to go dancing.

    I know I'm not doing alot of the stuff in the book so I do expect some criticism and I welcome it entirely. Thats the only way I'll get better along with actual gaming.

  3. 6/23/12 -

    There's actually 2 stories that go on at pretty much the same time so I'll try to condense them. A little background first so what I say can make some sense.

    One of my lady friend's uncle runs a clown/entertainment business and when ever I'm free on the weekends he calls me up and asks if I can help him out with the shows he does. I was free this Saturday so he contracted me as a photographer for an after party later that night. I like doing it because it gives me practice on my photography but even more because there are always some fine women that go to the parties. Being a photographer gives me the option to stare

    Now this was actually the first time I have worked with these 2 new girls since they were recently hired. I'll call them HB Micky and HB Minnie and they are sisters At the warehouse when I was getting to know them, I already saw I was getting strong ioi's from both. I had them laughing there, on the way to the ballroom in my car (they chose to ride with me over riding with my boss), and at the venue while we were decorating it. Most of what I said to them was just stupidity coming out of my mouth like funny stories of what happened to me and my friends, awkward moments, and alot of other comedic stuff. They got comfortable enough to start leaning on me whenever they laughed. HB Micky even got comfortable enough to brush her hand on my abdominal area whenever she would pass by me. I put my job over a girl anytime though so I kept my distance the entire time but the attraction was certainly there. I'd like to think of it as a way of teasing and prioritizing because I'm not giving them my complete attention.

    So I was set to take pictures at the ballroom entrance of HB Micky and Minnie ,which were dressed as... Micky and Minnie , with the arriving guests. From there, I found out that HB Minnie loved to dance because she was dancing in place when the music was playing. I love to dance as well and when I told her that a big grin came on her face. HB Minnie immediately asked me if I could dance with her. Unfortunately my boss wants us to be as "professional as possible" so I had to decline it. I actually think doing that made her attracted to me more again reinforcing the importance of my job over her. But I did dance in place to prove that I knew my moves while no one was coming in. Naturally HB Minnie shadowed what she would do if I was holding her in dancing position.

    Ok, now its about half way into the party and alot of the ballroom has filled up already. An HB7 had walked out with what I think is her brother. I pay no specific attention to either and just go on with my job. Then the HB7 approaches me and says, "Hey you should go take a picture with Micky and Minnie. Go, I'll use my phone!" I just stood there with the "what" face and she then said "Are you going to go or should I make you?" with that kind of sexy smile on her face. I do as she says and go to check out the picture that she took. I honestly did not think anything of it and thought she would leave at that point. Maybe I've just been away from women too long to notice what was going on Anyways she hands me the phone and says, "Here, go ahead and send it to yourself" and that is what I did. I get the picture message and let her know. She walks back in with her brother all the while looking at me with a smile. So basically, I was the # closee instead of the # closer LOL I'm really not sure on how to think of it. We've been talking... well she's been talking since then sending me "good morning" messages and calling me. I truthfully don't know how to handle it at this point just because I have mixed feelings about a girl that gamed me.

    I've been learning a lot these past few days and am really liking how its going down. Maybe its just a string of good luck thats come across me. Maybe it will go away and I again will be forever alone. Who knows. Right now, I can honestly say that I'm happy with the girl situation that I have. I know HB7's should be last resort girls but you got to start somewhere right?

    Again, criticism is highly welcome. I can't get better if I don't know what I'm doing wrong!

  4. i like the way you carry yourself, and im not just saying that because eddie guerro!! my advice would be, get together with her again face to face and get private, if you catch my drift

  5. Quote Originally Posted by alanwak3 View Post
    i like the way you carry yourself, and im not just saying that because eddie guerro!! my advice would be, get together with her again face to face and get private, if you catch my drift
    Thanks, I've been getting my life back together recently and PUA was on the list as a goal. My dating/love life has been pretty much garbage since I graduated high school and I don't want that happening in the real world.

    As for the chick, there won't be a next time. I asked the inevitable question of her age today and she is 16 which is a big NO for me. She looked older for her age but I'm not trying to get thrown in jail.

    Although I have to say, the reinforcement that I can still get girls younger than me brings some hope to my spirit. Usually people say I look like I'm 24-26 which kind of hurts

  6. #6

    Interesting report. The girl gaming you just goes to show how early girls work their game.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Love Monkey View Post
    Interesting report. The girl gaming you just goes to show how early girls work their game.
    I won't lie, it threw me off. Last time I was gamed by a girl was in 9th grade. I liked the attention but didn't know how to go about it back then either.

    Anyways, here's another little thing that happened to me and my friend yesterday.


    Me and my friend are a bit on the heavy side so we made it a goal of ours to atleast slim down. Not have a target weight or anything; just get thinner and maybe toned. We've been going to the gym almost every day excluding weekends working hard to meet our own goals. I personally just want to even out my body. I couldn't care less how much I weigh just as long as I have a proportional look.

    So we leave and go to Walmart to pick out some fruits to eat because Bruce Lee said so and no one doubts Bruce Lee. While there, we check out some of the girls. There was this one asian that looked fine as we were walking. Probably like an 8.5. So I tell my friend, "Go up to that girl and say 'hey, I just got to tell you that I'd be slapping myself all day if I didn't come over here to atleast say hi to a pretty lady like you'." He doesn't really care about what people say to or think of him so he has no problem opening up with her even though he doesn't game. Also he has an asian fetish It goes pretty well for him as they hold like a 2min conversation. No close or anything though, just a nice good bye from the chick. He tells me they talk about anime which I kind of figured

    We both do everything for the lulz so its like nothing can hurt us for doing it. I honestly think that should be the mentality for alot of people because it killed alot of the nerves that I used to have when going up to talk to a girl. Seeing everything as a joke is a blessing when it comes to approaching. If it goes bad, just laugh at it. If it goes good, laugh at that too.

    Just wanted to share that little bit. I hope to game some girls at the gym soon. We go at midnight to work out because of our jobs so not a lot of hot girls are there.

  8. 6/29/12

    So I was walking to work today from the train station and noticed I had about an hour to chill out. There is a Starbucks right across the block from where I work and I had a gift card that I got about a year ago. Since I have moved up the social ladder so to speak I thought it was time to cash in and be... fancy I walk in and as ridiculous as some of the prices are in there, my eye catches on that $2.75 cappuccino.

    I go up to order and a nice HB7 was there looking a little depressed. Using that as an opener I asked, "Hey, you have no reason to be lookin' so down pretty lady."
    Her: Ahhh, the people today have been really mean and rude.
    Me: Well I'm here to turn that around Let me get the cappuccino please.
    Her: (Takes money) So why are you so happy today?
    Me: I just got a job down the street over there. Its opening next week. You should come by and let me be your waiter!
    Her: That sounds like a good idea
    Me: Cool, let me get your number and then just let me know when you're almost here so I can let the host know to sit you with moi.
    Her: That sounds great I can't wait!

    My drink was finished by the time we finished the conversation and there was also a line forming lol

    So now, I'm at a loss here. I'm not sure if I should just wait until next week or send her a text as like a confirmation text or something. I'm leaning on just waiting but if sending that text would be something you would do then I might consider it. I just don't want to come off as a creepy guy.

    So my first actual number close and then I have the girl (hopefully) visiting me. I don't think thats too shabby

    I've got some ideas on what to do if she does go like introduce her to some of my co-workers if they pass by to social proof myself. Maybe sneak in a note on the ticket or something. Those are just ideas though.

    I'm so glad that Im working in the rich part of town because there are so many pretty ladies out on the street especially during lunch hour.

    Any criticisms are much appreciated as always

  9. 7/1/12

    I fucking did it! I fucking did it!! I got a kiss close just 30 min. ago

    Holy crap, I'm jumping up and down like a like a little girl right now.

    Tonight I took an HB7 that I had met at another party out to... party We've had a sort of strong connection at a distance with her calling me and texting me from time to time. To be honest I'm not even putting in an effort for this girl but apparently that's something she likes. The more I ignore her, the more she kept inferring I'm playing hard to get. Its a good thing I guess.

    Anyways, so I go pick her up and head straight to the club that I chose. On the way there she did a lot of the talking with me doing the occasional nod and laugh to confirm my attention. I was indeed paying attention though because her stories were funny. This girl is the opposite of a wet towel I thought to myself.

    So we get there and I immediately get a table with the tall chairs. She of course pulls the "I'm going to sit across from this guy instead of next to him" move. I had none of that and moved over then signaled her to come sit with me and she surprisingly does. At this point, I'm feeling alpha as hell. No idea why but my chest looked like a pigeon's I didn't have any nerves at all tonight either. Maybe because I'm in a place where there is a thing I know I'm better at than everyone else... which is dance! And just as I was sure of my talent, my hand almost by itself went around the HB7 and she received it well by holding on to it. It was the best feeling ever. This is called kino I think? Well once my hand made its way to her waist, there was lots of it afterwards. Soon she started leaning on me and took my other hand with hers. We were pretty much cuddling and I was enjoying every second of it.

    Finally the alcohol was circulating through the people at the place and the dance floor was starting to get crowded. I broke from our nice hold and pulled her to dance. Usually before when I was more shy, I'd ask if she wanted to go but my song was playing and I was going to dance with or without her... seriously. We had a great time dancing and when it came time for the "couple" songs I took it upon myself to raise her hands and put them around my neck as I put mines around her waist. No struggle came from her at all and there was strong eye contact. An occasional smile came from both of us but that eye contact never escaped. I had the chance to kiss her at that point but I was more in the dancing mood. I'm pretty sure she wanted me to do it.

    Time comes to leave. On the way home, she's telling me that she hasn't had a night like that ever. I tell her, "We definitely will do this again then." Finally, I arrive at her place and I see a kitty on the side walk. Ignoring everything in the world for that 5 second period, I jump out of my truck and book it for the cat. Unfortunately my attempt was in vein as I never caught it. What I didn't know was that I set myself up for probably the best kiss close ever. HB 7 has already stepped out of the truck with a smile on her face and I'm walking back to the car. We kept looking at each other until I finally reached her and she spread her arms out for a hug, eyes still looking at each other. And.... it happened

    She sent me a text 10 min later. It said:

    "Hey thanks for tonight, I had fun hope u did to. hope we do it some other time good night"

    Thats all I have to say really. I'm just really happy with how tonight went

  10. 7/2/12

    Today, the restaurant that I work at opened up to the family members and friends of the owners for a pre-opening(?). Every single person that was hired for the place was there including 3 hostesses.

    Oh... My... Spaghetti Monster. Two of those girls were the definition of FINE. Definitely HB9's. Girls like these would of made me loose my tongue the second they walked in the door. And for the first time in my life, I wasn't afraid to interact with them. The one that really caught my eye was a girl I'll name HB Ema. She's a blonde with the most perfect figure and flawless face. We actually introduced ourselves as I was going up the stairs while she was going down. The second we saw each other I let out a pretty cheerful "Hello." She looked like she was about to walk right past me like I didn't exist until I said that. She then turned to me in the middle of the stairs and said "hi, whats your name?" I tell her my name and she says "Ok, mines is Ema" and gives me a handshake and a nice smile

    Then, she saw me dancing in place to the latin music playing in the restaurant while I was waiting for the food to be delivered and called me out on it. She said, "It looks like you can't control your urge to dance" and I responded, "Its what I do best." She gives me a warm little laugh and returns to the hostess table.

    Keep in mind fellow gents, this was an HB9 that asked for MY name first. It may seem stupid to some of you but to me that was an accomplishment! Especially from such a beautiful girl. Throughout the night, I caught her looking at me looking at her looking at me I wish I could lie about this one just because I can't even believe it. At first I thought she was looking at the people I was standing in front of or searching for a table to sit people at. But no, HB Ema was genuinely giving me looks. And when I caught her, I just kept looking until she looked away. This is in a book somewhere I know it. Theres a term for it that I don't know yet.

    That girl just brought my moral up so high. It gives me hope that even a not so good looking guy can get something like an HB9... without the involvement of money.

    Of course I'll stay true to myself and won't change for anyone. As always friends, any criticisms are welcomed.

    Should I even try to escalate with HB Ema? Or should I ignore her a bit more and see what happens?

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