Rolling on the first night and the beer!!!
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    Rolling on the first night and the beer!!!

    Well all!

    Just joined up on this about a hour ago. Going to be out on my first proper mission tommorrow for the pull!. Been out the game to long with college and work but thats all changed now for the summer! Any tips??? what are the basic must do's and don'ts??? Truth is been out of the game for more than a year and a half! :\ Is it ok going out on the pull with my best mate who is a girl??? will it affect my chances of pulling???

    Thanks all!

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    Just be social and confident. Don't let approach anxiety stop you.

    Remember the emotional progression model. Make sure to qualify and DHV. Then isolate!

    As long as your friend is ok with helping you pick up girls its a great thing. Use her to your advantage!

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