50 Shades of Grey
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    50 Shades of Grey

    So my friend girl brought this over last time we were meeting. It's a New York times bestseller. Anyone got anything to say about it? Think women are going to change the way they expect to be approached?

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    its Fetish Lite...honestly girls that are obsessing over it...never really had a fetish side to begin with.
    IMO. Read it for the sake of reading and wasn't impressed. Lot of my friends that i am with on Fetlife and other sites....make fun of the book. It had adecent start but fizzles out

    remember...its a twilight fan fic......Twilight...........TWILIGHT!!!! don't think too much into it

  3. no, apparently it isn't even that good. It is pretty much just a book about sex, with the whole dominatrix and submissive and not much of a story line. Will definitely pass.

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    Oh I can understand it's not a great book, but i'm thinking more broadly than just our own opinions. If girls are getting off to this domination stuff on a wide level and word about it is spreading, this gives us a window does it not, to step into that assertive role with courage? Is this going to change women's expectations of men? Hell, I'm just happy we're slowly moving out of the AFC expectation of relationships where everyone's insecure and sensitive and hopefully into a more assertive and rewarding stage of romance.

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    Considering women as a whole and talking in generalities is not going to accomplish much. Some women like a man to be domineering, others don't. You make her comfortable and she will let you know.

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    Think women are going to change the way they expect to be approached?
    Only the impressionable ones. Kind of like the teenage girls who wanted so badly for their boyfriends to be vampires.

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